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Global Report on Culture for Sustainable Urban Development

"Culture lies at the heart of urban renewal and innovation. This Report provides a wealth of insights and concrete evidence showing the power of culture as a strategic asset for creating cities that are more inclusive, creative and sustainable. Creativity and cultural diversity have been the key drivers of urban success. Cultural activities can foster social inclusion and dialogue among diverse communities. Tangible and intangible heritage are integral parts of a city’s identity, creating a sense of belonging and cohesion. Culture embodies the soul of a city, allowing it to progress and build a future of dignity for all. This reflection has been at the core of UNESCO’s work over the last decades, notably through the development of programmes such as the Creative Cities Network, the Learning and Smart Cities initiatives and the protection of historic urban landscapes."

UNESCO, October 2016

Why must culture be at the heart of sustainableurban development?

"Inspired by the three models for Culture and Sustainable development, the analysis clearly shows that “there are multiple ways of viewing culture’s relationship with sustainability, and [that] myths about culture present obstacles to fully integrating culture into urban development planning and strategies. Culture should be fully integrated in urban development planning, while taking care that it is not “made invisible” in this process, the study says. “The distinctive features and benefits of cultural expressions, activities, and a diversity of approaches must be appreciated and nurtured, and culture and cultural heritage conserved and safeguarded through informed, intelligent, and sensitive cultural policies”.

Paper, UCLG, 2016

Cultural matters are integral parts of the lives we lead. If development can be seen as enhancement of our living standards, then efforts geared to development can hardly ignore the world of culture.”Amartya Sen

“Through both national and global consultations, discussions were organized on how exactly culture can contribute to achieving sustainable and equitable development for all, particularly within the framework of six sub-themes: (1) cultureƒ andƒ poverty ƒreduction, (2) culture and education, (3) culture, gender equality and women’s empowerment, (4) culture, sustainable cities and urbanization, (5) culture, environment and climate change, and (6) culture, inclusion and reconciliation.”


World Development Report 2015: Mind, Society, and Behavior

World Bank

The Road to Dignity by 2030: Ending Poverty, Transforming All Lives and Protecting the Planet

Report of the UN SG On the Post-2015 Agenda

The Art of Development: Investing in the Creative Economy, Pacific Institute of Public Policy

Key messages:

» Developing and maintaining a vibrant arts and culture policy is central to nation building - Pacific governments and development partners could start by prioritising arts and culture.

» There are risks associated with a rush to commercialise. Appropriate commercialisation can assist with both preserving and developing culturally inspired creative pursuits.

» Policy and practice need to protect rights associated with ownership of cultural knowledge, particularly with respect to asserting authenticity.

» More and better information is required on both the supply and demand sides to know what the economic realities are of the creative sector.

» There are opportunities to expand economic activity through tourism and providing opportunities to exhibit and market creative works in metropolitan markets. The internet has a role to play, but is no silver bullet.


Review of Key Findings and Achievements

MDG Achievement Fund's Thematic Window on Culture and Development


Florence Declaration


The Bali Promise

World Culture Forum, Indonesia

The Right to Art and Culture - Strategic framework for culture and development




Engaging the World: Towards Global Cultural Citizenship

Executive Summary

European Union

Culture Auction Floor – A Match for Development

European Commission

The Relevance of Culture and Cultural Heritage in Austrian Development Cooperation and Cooperation with Eastern Europe - Case Studies on Bhutan, Nepal, Guatemala, and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Synthesis Report, Vol 1.

Austrian Development Agency

The right to freedom of artistic expression and creativity

Report of the Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights, Farida Shaheed, to the Human Rights Council

Culture: A driver and an enabler of sustainable development

UN System Task Team on the Post-2015 UN Development Agenda / UNESCO

Strategy for the development of Euro-Mediterranean cultural heritage: priorities from Mediterranean countries (2007–2013)


Community Development through World Heritage


About Understanding – Ideas and Observations on Cross-Cultural Communication

Online book, Andreas Fuglesang

Governance for Culture in Developing Countries

Brochure, UNESCO

Culture – common denominator for development. 18 useful practices.

Organization of American States

Culture and Development

Report of the Director-General, UNESCO

Strengthening the Creative Industries for Development in Zambia


Measuring Culture Contribution to Development Effectiveness

World Bank

Strengthening the Creative Industries for Development in Mozambique


Development Cooperation in Culture – Vietnam/Denmark

Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Denmark

The Cultural Diversity Lens

A practical tool to integrate culture in development -pedagogical guide, UNESCO

Culture in development cooperation - Cultural sectors in sustainable development policy

Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland

The Power of Culture for Development


Culture as a tool for development. Challenges of analysis and action


Commonwealth Statement on Culture and Development

Commonwealth Foundation

Conclusion document - International Seminar on “Culture and Development”, Girona, 2010

AECID, European Commission

Report of the Follow-up Committee (FC) , Gerona Meeting, Spain, 2010

Keeping the Promise: United to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals


Gender Equality, Policy and Tools – Questions about Culture, Gender Equality and Development Cooperation


Culture and Development


Culture and Development – Evolution and Prospects

Working Paper, UNESCO, Extea

Programme for Culture & Development

Factsheet, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands

Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries

Green Paper, European Commission

Culture and Development

Draft resolution, UNESCO General Assembly

Arabic Report for Cultural Development (in Arabic)

Arab Thought Foundation