Because today's world connects diverse cultures and mindsets in formerly unprecedented ways, arts and culture have a heightened potential to critically impact human and socio-economic development within and across cultures, organizations and borders.

To support this potential, the AIF functions as an independent knowledge-resource and global meeting space for donors and policy-makers who invest in arts and culture internationally, for example in the context of international development cooperation or international relations.

As a knowledge resource, the AIF aims to offer up-to-date information on the latest trends, developments and challenges as a sound basis for interventions; as a meeting space it aims to facilitate the exchange of best practice, information-sharing, open discussions and collaborations and helps to catalyze action on some of the most critical meta-issues.

What do we mean by "investment"?

"...the investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value"


"...a devoting, using, or giving of time, talent, emotional energy, etc., as for a purpose or to achieve something"