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::: ICR NEWS DIGEST ::: VOL. 38 (1) 2017



How the new digital world is changing how we conceive of soft power

Nikolay Anguelov argues that: "in this reality, the soft power conversation is changing from its traditional diplomacy legacy shaped by careful government actions in promoting the best of national cultural attributes to mass-consumer passionate exchange devoid of oversight. Traditionally this oversight came from media outlets that commercialized limited print or screen space. Today this space is a small fraction of the digital world where soft power exchange is driven by non-traditional channels; constantly evolving and increasingly being shaped by individuals, not governments."

USAPP American Politics and Policy (blog), 11 April 2017


On Globalization, Cultural Diversity And Education – Analysis

"Essentially, the man of the present century has to have deep roots in his own culture and civilization and show, at the same time, a tremendous degree of receptiveness of the other. To achieve this, he has to drop off his misconceptions and fallacies about the “other” and his “otherness” and accept to understand his culture in its environment with its own rationale and salient features tracing their origin in beliefs and various aspects of material culture."

Eurasia Review, 15 April 2017



China's Media Foothold Expands to the Gulf

"In January this year, exactly on the Chinese New Year, an Abu Dhabi-based Arabic TV channel launched a series of new Chinese entertainment and cultural programs for the first time in the Arabic language. The line-up, entitled USILK, broadcast different programs and series not only on China’s culture and entertainment, but also on China’s politics and new strategies under the Xi Jinping leadership.The move indicates China’s willingness to expand its media footholds and to better communicate China’s messages to the region."

The Diplomat, 03 April 2017


Egypt's soft power in the Arab world

"Egypt's soft power is important ont only for the country's identity, but also to encourage a serious discussion among Arabs on religious discourse. It can support a culture that discourages hate speech and promotes the co-existence of all peoples. While this effort must be led by our political leaders, scholars, entertainers and cultural influencers can contribute to this dialogue."

Washington Examiner, 11 April 2017


Strategies Underlying Iranian Soft Power

"Iran's approach to soft power is sophisitcated and varied. While the islamic Republic's religious rhetoric might dominate the Western understanding of iran, successive governments - both before and after the 1979 islamic Revolution - have sought to capitalize on Iran's culture, religions, and historical legacy to extend influence and ahcieve aims for vexond its borders. To understand Iranian soft power therefore requires recognition of Persia's imperial past, its religious evolution, Persian language and culture, and its history."

American Enterprise Institute, 07 March 2017


The Goethe-Institut's Soft Power

“In a world threatened by the twin specters of populism and terrorism, exporting democratic values through cultural diplomacy is arguably more important now than ever before. In its bid to do just that, Germany’s Goethe-Institut, like the British Council or the Institut Français, has long functioned as much more than just a federally funded language school.”

Handelsblatt Global Edition (subscription), 05 March 2017


Metropolitan Museum Of Art Features Ancient Chinese Works Of Art

"A major international loan exhibition featuring more than 160 ancient Chinese works of art—including renowned terracotta army warriors—is on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Synthesizing new in-depth research and archaeological discoveries of the last 50 years, the landmark exhibition Age of Empires: Chinese Art of the Qin and Han Dynasties (221 B.C.– A.D. 220) explores the unprecedented role of art in creating a new and lasting Chinese cultural identity."

Eurasia Review, 20 April 2017


China box office now a key part of Hollywood script

"Private and state-backed Chinese companies have invested tens of billions of dollars in US film ventures over the past decade. The relationship comes with strings attached. Chinese authorities, censors and consumers influence nearly every aspect of American moviemaking in China, from scripts to casting to greenlighting sequels."

The Australian, 20 April 2017



Buckingham Palace rolls out UK-India Year of Culture

International-Hindustan Times, 27 Feb 2017

"The India day at Buckingham Palace is part of a busy calendar of events that has been put together to celebrate the year, which also marks 70th year of India’s independence. It includes events by Indian and British institutions such as the British Film Institute, British Library, Kew Gardens, Open University and the Science Museum. Copies of the Magna Carta and Shakespeare’s First Folio are being exhibited in India."

The British Museum Announces the South Asia Season

Broadway World, 01 March 2017


"Ancient Persians were visually oriented and close to nature. Artifacts that only narrowly escaped theft are now on show for the first time outside of Iran. The German exhibition reveals the origins of present-day Iran."

Deutsche Welle, 13 April 2017



Turkestan welcomes guests and receives status of Cultural Capital ...

Astana Times, 22 March 2017

::: Thailand: Soaps and Sensibility :::

"In terms of international relations, it is cultural diplomacy that we can use to create perceptions and mindsets and goodwill. Look at how Hollywood movies influence global perceptions of the US. Look at how South Korea has used its creative industry. The challenge is how our industry can use our cultural products effectively."

Bangkok Post, 19 March 2017 | READ >



Bahrain, Palestine discuss reinforcing cultural cooperation

Bahrain News Agency, 12 April 2017


Asean moves forward with cultural cooperation

Eleven Myanmar, 11 April 2017


Ganja takes up role as CIS Cultural Capital 2017

News.Az, 18 March 2017