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Archive August 2014

Vivendi, Impala, & IFPI Send Open Letter to the President of the European Commission…, Digital Music News, 15 Aug 2014

Creative degrees: learn to make a living from your art, The Guardian, 15 Aug 2014

How Kickstarter became the new model for funding the arts, The Globe and Mail, 14 Aug 2014

How ArtRio Is Helping Turn Brazil Into A Major Art-World Player, Forbes, 14 Aug 2014

Supporting Sustainable Growth in the Creative Economy, The Fan Carpet, 13 Aug 2014

How 'Google Science' could transform academic publishing,, 13 Aug 2014

Caribbean, Latin American Culture Ministers Begin Summit in Haiti, Caribbean Journal, 13 Aug 2014

Local government ‘more likely to fund arts that boost economy’ – report, The Stage, 12 Aug 2014

Kazakh Cultural Tourism Has Untapped Potential, Astana Times, 12 Aug 2014

Beware arts funding cuts: they're not an easy answer, Public Finance, 12 Aug 2014

Haiti- Culture : 6th Inter-American Meeting of Ministers and High Authorities of Culture,, 11 Aug 2014

Chinese Government Pledges To Support Game Developers, Kotaku Australia, 12 Aug 2014

Sferiq leads the way in opening the art market to investment professionals,, 10 Aug 2014

Selling Nollywood for Profit,, 11 Aug 2014

Swiss film industry in funding call, Screen International, 11 Aug 2014

Heritage needs more funding to create jobs, Irish Times, 10 Aug 2014

Investing in culture binds people with varying outlooks, says study, Herald Scotland, 10 Aug 2014

Arts and culture supports Seychelles tourism, ETurboNews, 10 Aug 2014

Artist coalition criticizes culture bill, Jakarta Post, 10 Aug 2014

Linking cultural industries and the tourism sector, The Jet Newspaper, 09 Aug 2014

Nigeria's fashion industry worth over $10bn, P.M. News, 09 Aug 2014

Growing preference for cultural tourism in Peru, Andina – Agencia Peruana de Noticias, 08 Aug 2014

Nigerian Artists, New Galleries Head for Global Art Market,, 08 Aug 2014

Global art market rises 17 per cent, Intheblack, 08 Aug 2014

Arts and Culture Urban renewal's bourgeois curse, Mail & Guardian Online, 07 Aug 2014

South Korea's soft power, The Economist, 07 Aug 2014

How The Music Industry Created Its Own Worst Nightmares, Forbes, 07 Aug 2014

Leonard Lauder's $1.1bn donation to the arts, (blog), 06 Aug 2014

Conference Aims to Bolster Mexican Creative Community, The Horn, 05 Aug 2014

Are the arts & culture a public good?, The Conversation, 05 Aug 2014

The Film Industry: Investing Essentials, Motley Fool, 05 Aug 2014

State out to ensure artists get royalties, BDlive, 05 Aug 2014

'Aid Is Killing African Literature',, 04 Aug 2014

Timbuktu Renaissance: Culture at the Heart of Peace-building and Socio-economic Development, Brookings Institute (blog), 04 Aug 2014

China Will Get Musical Makeover with $323 Million Theatre Center in Langfang,, 04 Aug 2014

New Cultural Lenses to Create a Sustainable Future, Huffington Post, 04 Aug 2014

Creating creativity, Bangkok Post, 03 Aug 2014

How Korea became the world's coolest brand, Financial Post, 02 Aug 2014

The value of cultural heritage, The News on Sunday, Pakistan, 02 Aug 2014

From capital to ingenuity: financing galleries, AMA, 01 Aug 2014

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