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UNCTAD Creative Economy Report 2010 - Creative Economy: A Feasible Development Option
Topics: Creative  industries and entrepreneurship, artists' labour markets, research on arts and cultural economics, social investment
Keywords:  UNCTAD - creative economy - creative industries - development agenda - report 2010 - policy development

The second policy-oriented report to present the United Nations perspective on  the topic of "creative economy", this report explores this topical issue of the international economic and development agenda during this decade, calling for informed policy responses in both developed and developing countries. This report builds upon the findings and recommendations put forward by the first Creative Economy Report 2008, but goes a step further by deepening the analysis and bringing new insights on the impact of recent developments on the creative economy. The 2010 Report attempts to answer the need for a better understanding of the dynamics of the creative economy in our globalized world by identifying trends strengths and weaknesses as well as challenges and opportunities.

Published by: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development - UNCTAD
Year of publication: 2010
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