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How the Arts Made Their Funding Breakthrough | The Journal ...

Journalofmusic.com, 23 Oct 2020

Christie's auction to benefit Beirut cultural community

Tradearabia.com, 23 Oct 2020

Arts Council England reveals next round of culture ...

Residentadvisor.net, 19 Oct 2020

What is the role of the artist today? | ArtsHub Australia

Performingartshub.com.au, 19 Oct 2020

What U.K. Cultural Venues Received Aid from the Culture ...

Artnews.com, 14 Oct 2020

Festivals of the future 'won't be limited by time and space': CEO

Cnbc.com, 14 Oct 2020

Culture is worth £5.5bn to London economy, says Arts Council ...

Insidecroydon.com, 09 Oct 2020

The city as a museum: Dubai Culture launches scheme to ...

Thenational.ae, 09 Oct 2020

In Some Fancy London Houses, a New Model for the Art World

Nytimes.com, 07 Oct 2020

How artists can rebrand soft power through regional exchange ...

Artshub.com.au, 07 Oct 2020

Why Trump's Effect on the Arts Economy Will ...

News.artnet.com, 05 Oct 2020

What Is Culture And How Can You Spread It Remotely? - Forbes

Forbes.com, 05 Oct 2020

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Arts Investment News provides a curated selection of online news articles from around the world, informing about current developments, trends and debates on policies and investments in the arts, cultural heritage and tourism, and creative industry sectors.



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What is Culture And How Can You Spread It Remotely?


"Understanding the remote environment means first understanding how culture spreads. Culture spreads through social connection; in extreme cases, via social contagion. There is a well developed evolutionary biology on why units of culture spread, but for our purposes, all we need to understand is that there is a theory on why, and more importantly, how to make culture spread."

Forbes.com, 05 Oct 2020 Read article >



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Creative sector challenged to invest in arts, culture | The Herald

Herald.co.zw, 02 Dec 2020

IATSE Hails Canada's Move To Save Its Arts ... - Deadline

Deadline.com, 01 Dec 2020

Record culture budget approved by German parliament ...

Newsbreak.com, 30 Nov 2020

How can we fund the future of the arts? | ArtsHub Australia

Artshub.com.au, 29 Nov 2020

Recognising the arts leaders, philanthropists and partners ...

Aussietheatre.com.au, 23 Nov 2020

Biden administration, to revive the humanities, think New Deal ...

Chicago.suntimes.com, 23 Nov 2020

Arts After Brexit study warns of two-year cultural hiatus in UK ...

theguardian.com, 17 Nov 2020

The Goethe-Institut embarks on a new journey | Culture| Arts ...

Dw.com, 17 Nov 2020

Basic income scheme for arts and culture sector could benefit ...

Thejournal.ie, 16 Nov 2020

Will UK government furlough extension make museums ...

theartnewspaper.com, 11 Nov 2020

C.African artists keep traditional music alive in a ...

France24.com, 11 Nov 2020

Artists already think like entrepreneurs, now they need to act ...

Aussiethreatre.com, 09 Nov 2020

Artists in 'limbo' share their feelings of frustration and hope in ...

Creativeboom.com, 09 Nov 2020

The 2020 US election: what it means for the arts | The Art ...

Theartsnewspaper.com, 04 Nov 2020

Spanish extends unemployment subsidies for arts ... - Reuters

Reuters.com, 03 Nov 2020

AGENCY: New org pairing philanthropy with Indigenous ...

artshub.com.au, 03 Nov 2020

Why culture and the arts are crucial to the UK's recovery post ...

Harpersbazaar.com, 03 Nov 2020

Art works to be beamed on to giant screens in central London ...

Theguardian.co.uk, 03 Nov 2020

How does Biden′s stance on the arts compare to Trump - DW

Dw.com, 02 Nov 2020