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This section is  a central online resource on current research and thought on issues concerning arts funding around the world. It provides access to selected online publications - including reports, studies, analyses, conference proceedings and papers, case studies, articles, and transcripts of interviews, on such topics as:

Ø  arts philanthropy

Ø  social investment

Ø  public and private funding policies / research

Ø  creative industries and entrepreneurship

Ø  artists' labor markets

Ø  research on arts and cultural economics


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Archive 2011

Fusing Arts, Culture and Social Change – High Impact Strategies for Philanthropy

Report, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (USA), Holly Sidford, 2011.

“Current arts grantmaking disregards large segments of cultural practice, and by doing so, it disregards large segments of our society”. More...


Guide to Funding Opportunities for the International Mobility of Artists and Culture Professionals in Europe

Guide, prepared by practics / on the move / Interarts, 2011.

“The Guide covers existing public and private funding sources for the mobility of artists and culture professionals in 35 European countries, as well as at EU level. It collects data from approximately 750 mobility schemes, designed or managed by almost 500 different organizations.”More...


Creative and Cultural Industries Report

Dominic Power, Uppsala University, for the European Cluster Observatory (EU, DG Enterprise and Industry), 2011.

"This report presents regionalised data and trends for 6.4 million employees in the cultural and creative industries in 30 European countries." More... 


Creative Growth – Developing Businesses for the Future

Report, European Regional Development Fund / INTERREG IVC, 2011.

"In the Creative Growth project 11 partners from different parts of Europe have oined forces to share experience and knowledge on how to develop the creative sector as a business sector." More...


The Arts and Human Development - Framing a National Research Agenda for the Arts, Lifelong Learning, and Individual Well-Being

A white paper based on “The Arts and Human Development:  Learning across the Lifespan,” a convening by the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Washington DC, 2011.

 “How do the arts help build us as a people and as individuals? We share a fundamental mission — how to improve the quality of life. The arts are central to human development.” More...


The Million Pound Donors Report 2011

Coutts in association with The Centre for Philanthropy,Humanitarianism and Social Justice at the University of KentDr. Beth Breeze, 2011.

Arts and cultural causes saw a drop in both their number and value of MPDs. However, this may change in the future as a result of the government’s £55 million matched funding scheme to build endowments in the cultural sector.“ More...


Art & Finance report 2011

Deloitte, ArtTactics, 2011.

The growth of the art market and its infrastructure in the last 10 years is fuelling an increasing interest in art as an asset class, which means we now can start talking about the early stages of an Art and Finance industry.” More...


Skate’s Art Stocks Review

Skate’s Art Market Research, 2011.

Increased use of the internet in the art trade has served to stimulate the wide availability of auction price data online and is inevitably leading to the commoditization of art price information, which so far remains the largest source of profits for artnet.” More...


Arts Funding, Austerity and the Big Society - Remaking the Case for the Arts

Study, Arts Council of England, John Knell and Matthew Taylor, 2011. 

The scale of the UK’s fiscal squeeze is going to cause some permanent shifts in the arts, amplifying both challenges and opportunities. Austerity will put brutal pressure on all calls for public investment and the arts will have to revitalise their case.“ More...


The Arts Case, Why the Arts Make a Difference

Gerard Lemos, City Bridge Trust, London, 2011.

Arts funding tends to go either to companies that make artistic work or venues that produce and promote it. In addition, education has in recent years been prioritised by arts funders. However, the case for the arts goes far beyond creation, performance and education.“ More...


A fair share - direct funding for individual artists from UK arts councils, study. The key finding of this study reveals that shockingly few individual artists apply for funding in their own right, and even fewer are successful. What this means is that there is little direct funding being given to artists to pursue and develop their own projects, under their own control. The Artists Information Company, England, September 2011.


Community Character: How Arts and Cultural Strategies Create, Reinforce and Enhance Sense of Place, Arts and CUlture Briefing Paper 03, American Planning Association, 2011.


The Cultural and Creative Industries – A Literature Review, 2nd edition, Justin O’Connor,  Creativity, Culture and Education, (2010), 2011.


Guide to Funding Opportunities for the International Mobility of Artists and Culture Professionals in Europe, On The Move / PRACTICS, 2011.


Creative Economy Report Card 2011, ARC Center for Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation, Australia, 2011.


Cultural Statistics, Eurostat Pocketbook, 2011 edition.


Arts and Culture Education Promoted in Collaboration Corporate Social Contributions via Arts and Culture Education in the Field, Report, Korea Arts and Culture Education Services, 2011.


Between art and engineering: Public funding of architecture in the 2000s and changes in architects’ work, study (English summary), Arts Council of Finland, 2011.


UBS-INSEAD Study on Family Philanthropy in Asia, August 2011


The art of the possible - Using secondary data to detect social and economic impacts from investments in culture and sport, Feasibility study, Department of Culture, Media and Sport, UK, 2011.


Supporting growth in the arts economy, (3 papers: the Arts Economy; Place, Infrastructure and Digital; Towards and Arts and Creative Economy Development Programme, Dr Tom Fleming & Andrew Erskine, Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy, Arts Council of England, 2011.


Musical Life in Germany, (includes information on Germany's arts funding landscape), German Music Information Center, 2011.


Business Models in the Visual Arts, Arts Council of England, 2011.


Critique of Creativity, Precarity, Subjectivity and Resistance in the ‘Creative Industries’; Gerald Raunig, Gene Ray & Ulf Wuggenig (eds), mayflybooks, 2011.


India Philanthropy Report 2011, (includes figures related to arts philanthropy), Arpan Sheth and Madhur Singhal, Bain & Company, 2011.


Artist Employment Projections through 2018, NEA Research Note, National Endowment for the Arts (USA), 2011.


Philanthropy and the Arts, Philanthropy UK Quarterly, 2011.


ABaF Survey of private sector support for the arts, Australian Business Arts Foundation, 2011.


Toward a Twenty-First-Century Strategy for Grantmakers, article, Bill Ivey, Grantmakers in the Arts Reader, 2011.


Philanthropy, development and fundraising in the arts/culture and sport: Scoping the international environment, literature review, Department of Communications, Information Technologies and the Arts, Government of Australia, 2011.


Return on Investment: Federal Government, States and the Arts, National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (USA), 2011.


Creative Futures, Training the next generation in the creative industries, Escape Studios, 2011.


Music Education Outside the State School System, Michael Dartsch, German Music Information Center, 2011.


Tracking Changes in Corporate Sponsorship and Private Donations 2011, Australian Major Performing Arts Group, 2011.


Arts and the GDP: Value Added by Selected Cultural Industries, Abstract of Research Note, National Endowment for the Arts, (USA), 2011.


The Living and Working Conditions of Artists in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, study, Dr. Clare McAndrew, Cathie McKimm, Commissioned by: Arts Council of England, 2011.


Private giving and philanthropy – their place in the Big Society, Cathy Pharoah, ESRC Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy, Cass Business School, City University, UK; in: People, Place & Policy Online, 2011.


Symphony and Chamber Orchestras (in Germany; provides insights into funding methods), Gerald Mertens, German Music Information Center, 2011.


Common Practices Ilustrated, Tommer Peterson, editor; Anita Lehman, illustrator; Waren Wilkins, art director, Grantmakers in the Arts Reader, Vol 22, no. 1, 2011.


Impact of Digital Technology on Major Performing Arts companies, Australian Major Performing Arts Group, scoping paper, 2011.


Activate 2011: Can Crowdsourced funding save the arts? Perry Chen (speaker), video, in: The Guardian, 2011.


Kultur-und Kreativwirtschaft (German only), Deutsche Bank Research, 2011.


Rethinking Cultural Philanthropy: Towards a More Sustainable Arts and Culture Sector, Diane Ragsdale, Arts Council England, 2011.


A Good Economist Knows the True Value of the Arts, Blog, John Kay, also in: Grantmakers in the arts reader, 2011.


Key Issues in the Arts and Entertainment Industry, (chapter extracts), Goodfellow Publishers, April 2011.


Access to Finance for Creative Industry Businesses, Department for Culture, Media and Sports, UK, 2011.


Time and Money: Using Federal Data to Measure the Value of Performing Arts Activities, (abstract), NEA Research Note, National Endowment for the Arts, US, 2011.


Creating Innovation in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises - Evaluating the short-term effects of the Creative Credits pilot, working paper, Hasan Bakhshi, John Edwards, Stephen Roper, Judy Scully and Duncan Shaw, NESTA, 2011.


Labour Market Information for Canada's Cultural Sector, Report, The Conference Board of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Cultural Human Resources Council, 2011.


DISCONNECTED. Social Mobility and the Creative Industries, VAGA (Visual Arts and Galleries Association, UK), 2011.


State of the Arts 2011 Panel: Rethinking cultural philanthropy, video panel, Arts Council of England, 2011.


Supporting the arts in spinning times, Cultural Policy Update, Boekmann Stichting, 2011. SUMMARY


Arts donations fall for second year running but trust and foundation giving rises by 11%, (blog), Laura McCaffrey, Philanthropy UK, 2011.


Arts & Business Scotland – Philanthropy Master Class Series “Legacies:

Where there is a Will……”, Jenny Harrow, Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy, Cass Business School, City University London, 2011.


Audiences at the Gate: Reinventing Arts Philanthropy Through Guided Crowdsourcing, Ian David Moss and Daniel Reid, createquity website, 2011.


Free to see – but what’s next?, report, Art Fund (UK) and Work Foundation, 2011.


How-To for Sustainable Creativity in the Digital Era, FCForum, research document, 2011.


Culture Shock, Samuel Jones, DEMOS, 2010/2011.


European Union New Renaissance Report on Digitizing Cultural Heritage, “Comité des Sages” (High Level Reflection Group on Bringing Europe’s Cultural Heritage Online), Elisabeth Niggemann, Jacques de Decker, Maurice Levy, 2011.


IFPI Digital Music Report 2011, “Music at the touch of a button”, International Federation of Phonographic Industry, 2011.


Private investment in culture 2009/10... what next for the arts?, Analysis, Arts and Business UK, 2011.


Conference of donors for culture in Haiti: Making culture a motor for reconstruction, leaflet, UNESCO, 2011.


Legacy Fundraising Report, Arts Quarter/Legacy Forsight, (UK), 2011.


Mapping the Cultural and Creative Sectors in the EU and China: A Working Paper in support to the development of an EU-China Cultural and Creative Industries' (CCIs) platform, IPR2, 2011.


Patterns in Performing Arts Spending in Canada in 2008, Report, Hills Strategies Research, 2011.


International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures, 2010: highlights, UNESCO, 2011.


Developing the Arts in Ireland, Arts Council Strategic Overview 2011 – 2013, Arts Council of Ireland, 2011.


Philanthropic Investment in Arts and Culture and its Impact on Singapore, Summary Report of Roundtable, Arts and Culture Development Office of the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts, Singapore, International Music Trust Fund (GAMA / Arts Investment Forum), 2010 / 2011.


The Independents’ Voice: 2010 The Year of Culture and Creativity in Europe in review, KEA European Affairs, Belgium, 2011.


Arts and Creative Industries: A historical overview; and an Australian conversation, Arts Council of Australia, 2011.


Culture in development cooperation - Cultural sectors in sustainable development policy, Report, Ministry on Education and Culture, Finland, 2011.


Survey on the Impact of the Current Economic Climate on Regularly Funded Organisations, Arts Council of Ireland, 2011.