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 Sir Georg Solti, after conducting the opening work at the first concert of the WOP at Victoria Hall, Geneva on 5th July 1995.
Organizational details

The World Orchestra for Peace was founded in 1995 in London UK. It is a private limited company run by a Director with the assistance of part-time administrators.


Mr. Charles Kaye, Director. World Orchestra for Peace, 26 Lyndale Avenue, London NW2 2QA, UK

(p) +44 7967 108974

e-mail: ckconsult@compuserve.com www.worldorchestraforpeace.com




Dr Erica Eyrich, Director, Arts Investment Forum  


The players of the WOP come from orchestras all over the world, many of them concert masters and section leaders in their own right, and the orchestra has no existence outside the very special occasions that call it into being. Its conductor is Valery Gergiev who succeeded SIr Georg Solti in 1997.

   Mission and Activities                                                                               

The mission of the World Orchestra for Peace (WOP) is to instill in the hearts of its listeners, the public and those who receive its performances through all media a sense of peace and the unified mission of the Orchestra’s members, who give their services for this mission. WOP aims to move all those who experience our performances to play their part in achieving a more peaceful world and to actively demonstrate that it is possible for people of more than 40 countries to live and work together in harmony and to communicate with and listen to each other – with only the common language of music.

By giving concerts on special occasions, WOP commemorates peace or celebrates reconstruction. It addresses the need for greater human understanding and global communication between nations with the hope that such will produce a more peaceful world for our children.


WOP evaluates its activities by open discussions with members of the public on the day after each of its concerts, as well as through ongoing discussions with leading journalists worldwide as part of its PR strategy. It was designated Artist for Peace by UNESCO in 2010 in recognition of its outstanding dedication in promoting, through music, cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue, and a culture of peace – core ideals of UNESCO. WOP is unique in bringing together the finest professional players of more than 70 orchestras in 40 countries to achieve a truly global spread of its aims and mission.

Wop is funded solely from its presenters plus necessary sponsorship (private/commercial) to cover difference between what such presenters can offer and the actual costs. The percentage of sponsorship can vary between 0 and 90% of all costs. A minimum of 60% of staff time is spent, on average, for each concert or group of concerts on fundraising activities. Among the many sponsors and supporters of the WOP are the Association of United Nations Associations, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Edition C. F. Peters, Festspielhaus Baden-Baden, and the Salzburger Festspiele.

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