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The Task Force will be replaced by the Global Partnership for Culture in 2016/7. The Partnership will continue and re-focus the work of the Task Force.

More about the Partnership here.



Enhancing the role of arts and culture in international development cooperation


The creation of the Funders Task Force on Culture and Development, a multi-stakeholder platform of leading development donors, was based on the premise that culture is crucial to advancing sustainable development. It was officially established in December 2012 at a meeting at the European Investment Bank. With the aim of enhancing the role of arts and culture in development interventions, the Task Force’s objectives are to:


(1)     share and communicate resources on mainstreaming arts & culture in sustainable development programs


(2)     strengthen the capacity and role of institutions and actors involved in culturally sensitive development institutions and actors involved in arts within a development context


(3)     develop and promote instruments to be used for these programs


The Task Force builds on ongoing efforts to drive development through the use of culturally sensitive approaches as well as through the strengthening of the artistic and creative sectors. To this end, the Task Force proactively pursues a concerted and globally integrated approach to fostering knowledge-sharing, research and cross-sectoral collaboration in culture-based development funding.