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Why should government support the arts? 
Topics: public and private funding policies / research, artists' labour markets, social investment, creative industries and entrepreneurship
Keywords:  NASAA - government -arts - public sector investment - funding - private sector - artists and arts organizations
This policy brief by the US National Assembly of State Arts Agencies looks at whether government has a legitimate role to play in the arts or may ask why the arts should receive funds when so many other needs are pressing by addressing questions such as Does every state fund the arts?,  Why are the arts a good public sector investment?  How can we afford to support the arts in hard times?, What do states currently invest in the arts?,  Can’t we just use federal funds?,  Why can’t the private sector do this job?, Why are state arts agencies essential?,  Why fund artists and arts organizations?,  Does state funding for the arts cause dependence on public dollars?.
Published by: National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (US)
Year of publication: 2010
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