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The Role of Art in a Creative Economy: Testing the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Creativity
Topic(s): social investment in creativity
Keywords:  Creativity - Art - Emotional Intelligence - local intelligence

This paper explores the ways in which art can play an important role in the improvement of creativity and emotional intelligence. Art provides impressive competence in expressing ideas, concepts, and experience. Creativity is not the same as originality, because originality is not always accepted on an emotional level. The focal point of this paper is to provide empirical evidence for Robinson’s hypothesis that creativity is developed through a balanced improvement in emotional intelligence and the ability to think logically. This paper diverges from previous literature by focusing on the influence of art on creativity under the assumption that emotionality is cultivated through art experiences.

Author / Published by: Tadashi Yagi, Takeshi Sugio, Masao Yogo, Kennich Akama, Koji Azuma
Year of publication: 2010
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