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The Future of Arts Philanthropy
Topic(s): arts philanthropy, social investment
Keywords:  Grantmakers in the Arts - US - White Paper - arts philanthropy - economic difficulties - operating and funding - policy changes

This White Paper states a few critical points related to Arts Philanthropy in economically difficult times, such as  revisiting a definition of the cultural sector and then affirming how success and health are defined. It lists grantmakers’ viewpoints which the gamut from holding firm to current funding priorities to completely revamping them. Some were focusing on models of business and new forms of capitalization, leading to new ways of operating and funding. Some policy changes included narrowing the spectrum of organizations funded and ensuring that the needs of small, and mid-sized organizations are being addressed - especially artistcentered organizations and incubator organizations.

Author / Published by: Janet Brown (Grantmakers for the Arts), Americans for the Arts
Year of publication: 2010
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