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The Arts and Business Relationship Model: A model for understanding motivation

Topic(s): public and private funding policies / research, research on arts and cultural economics, sponsorship 
Keywords:  Arts and Business - research - policy - practice - relationships

This study proposes the Arts and Business Relationship Model that serves as a conceptual basis to explore multiple dimensions of arts and business relationship that have been evolving along with the changing notions of arts and culture. Motivations of arts organizations and businesses to form a specific type of relationship are presented as a starting point for a debate by managers on both sides to ensure the relationship’s success. The horizon of arts and business relationship in the States has drastically changed since 1980s. From patronage to the most recent partnership, collaboration, and alliance, terms referring to arts and business relationships are proliferous. Yet, little research has examined the context, growth, and scope of the relationship between nonprofit arts organizations and businesses despite their increased importance in research, policy, and practice.

Author / Published by: HwiJung Kim, PhD in Cultural Policy and Arts Administration, College of the Arts, The Ohio State University
Year of publication: 2010
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