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Supporting the arts in spinning times
  • arts philanthropy
  • social investment
  • public and private funding policies / research
Keywords:  Private support for the arts - funding sources - new types of investment - support models

In large parts of the world culture and cultural policies are under pressure. To resist the gloom of recession, old mindsets must be relinquished and replaced by new, positive ways of thinking. Now more than ever, an exchange of arguments and analyses is at the fore. In this first issue of Cultural Policy Update support models from Europe, Asia and Australia are under scrutiny. The old model of the patron state is wearing out; much is expected from a diversification of funding sources. This includes the use of trading and contracting models, as well as an increase in private support. Besides, new types of investment are in demand. A democratic and dynamic society needs the arts, which should engage with other domains in society. This is where their added value for society lies. Artists, cultural institutions and governments alike have to leave their comfort zone to establish new alliances.

Published by: Boekmann Stichting
Year of publication: 2011
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