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2010 Bank of America Merill Lynch Study of High Net-Worth Philanthropy
Topic(s): arts philanthropy, social investment
Keywords:  High net-worth philanthropy - charitabel vehicles - donors - volunteers - non-profits

The report looks at issues driving charitable activities in affluent households. It is divided into four sections: Donors, Volunteers, Nonprofits, and Charitable Vehicles and Advisors. The Donors section explores high net worth households as charitable givers. It includes analysis on their confidence in groups to solve societal or global problems, motivations and attitudes towards giving, household decision-making, along with the mechanics of what and how high net worth households give. The Volunteers section reports on high net worth households as volunteers and includes analysis of the number of hours volunteered by type of organization and the relationship between giving and volunteering. In the Nonprofits section, the focus is on high net worth households preferences and expectations of nonprofits and why they stopped giving to organizations. In the last section on Charitable Vehicles and Advisors, the various methods by which high net worth households make philanthropic gifts along with the advice they seek when doing so are presented.

Author / Published by: The Center of Philanthropy at Indiana University, Bank of America Merill Lynch
Year of publication: 2010
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