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A free online gallery is giving local artists global exposure, South China Morning Post, 30 Sept 2013


Park pledges support for growing S. Korean movie industry, Global Post, 29 Sept 2013


China, Japan and South Korea agree to promote cultural prosperity of East Asia,Yinhuanet.com, 29 Sept 2013


Lack of funding 'is killing the Scots film industry', Herald Scotland, 27 Sept 2013


Art Market Shuts Out All but the Super Rich, New York Times, 27 Sept 2013


Is crowdfunding the kickstart that Australian culture needs?, The Guardian, 26 Sept 2013


Auction houses in China Christie's v the people's army, The Economist, 26 Sept 2013


UNDP: MDG-F improves life for 9 million people worldwide, 4-traders.com, 25 Sept 2013


Dalian Wanda funnels RMB2.3tn into cultural tourism projects, Want China Times, 25 Sept 2013


US arts funding hit record low in 2011, Art Newspaper, 24 Sept 2013


A Creative Approach to Arts Fundraising, Pro Bono Australia, 23 Sept 2013


Govt Seeks China's Support in Crafts Standardisation, AllAfrica.com, 23 Sept 2013


Britain's Tate museum calls on government for funding "contract", Reuters, 19 Sept 2013


Heritage Bank sponsors virtual arts museum, The Guardian Nigeria, 19 Sept 2013

China eyes greater cultural information services, China.org.cn, 19 Sept 2013

Head to Morocco for a new hotel focused on art and cultureMetro, 19 Sept 2013

Human Rights, Development, and Democracy in Africa: What Role for the Arts?, World Policy blog, 18 Sept 2013


Engagement in the Arts Continues to Grow While Technology Shifts Public’s Art Consumption, The Dance Journal, 18 Sept 2013


Are the Gulf's arts investments as fine as they seem?, Al Bawaba, 18 Sept 2013


Japan, India Forge Bridge Through Animation, Wall Street Journal (blog), 18 Sept 2013


Future economic growth depends on creative talent, The Korea Herald, 18 Sept 2013


Artists and Urban Development, Huffington Post, 18 Sept 2013


Congressman warns of cuts to federal arts funding, WBFO, 17 Sept 2013

Why British' commercial' music needs public funding to keep MomentumThe Guardian (blog), 17 Sept 2013

US pop culture a diplomatic tool, Chinadaily USA, 16 Sept 2013


Funding concerns for arts sector, Brisbane Times, 15 Sept 2013


Eli Broad's Entrepreneurial Approach to Philanthropy, Wall Street Journal, 14 Sept 2013


The Real Reason Creative Workers Are Good for the Economy, The Atlantic Cities, 13 Sept 2013


Iran Reopens Film Industry Guild, Hollywood Report, 13 Sept 2013


Economy matters: 'Culture, not religion, holds back progress', The Express Tribune, 13 Sept 2013


The Art Market: All eyes on the Andy index, Financial Times, 13 Sept 2013


Opinion: Detroit Art Sell-Off Would Betray Public and Donors, Chronicle of Philanthropy (blog), 12 Sept 2013


Giving Money to the Arts Does Not Make You Evil, Huffington Post, 11 Sept 2013

Britain may be a small island, but its 'soft power' is unrivalled globally, Telegraph, 09 Sept 2013


Keeping arts in the black can be a risky business, Irish Times, 09 Sept 2013

In Nigeria, traditional art increasingly seen as an investment class, The Globe and Mail, 09 Sept 2013


New report finds the value in arts, artsHub Australia, 09 Sept 2013

The rebirth of international heritage law, OUP blog, 09 Sept 2013

Arts and crafts industry advocates legal framework, Ghana Business News, 09 Sept 2013

Iranian, Omani Ministers Discuss Cultural Cooperation, Tasnim News Agency, 08 Sept 2013

Art world pushes for changes in Brazil’s import taxes as dealers, collectors gather at ArtRioThe Washington Post, 06 Sept 2013


Cultural development entails incentive to entrepreneurship, Angola Press, 05 Sept 2013


Artists Report High Job Satisfaction, Pacific Standard, 04 Sept 2013


Could This New Technology Destroy The Value Of All Famous Art?, Business Insider, 04 Sept 2013


US to ensure preservation of cultural heritage sites in Pakistan, The News International, 04 Sept 2013


Renewed EU support to preserve the island's cultural heritage, Cyprus Mail, 04 Sept 2013


Creativity will not be compromised, The Australian, 04 Sept 2013


Current Art Market Trends, Christie’s, 04 Sept 2013


Arts and culture vital to economy - Mashatile, Independent Online, 03 Sept 2013


Publishing Hears Echoes of Netflix Business Model, Wall Street Journal, 02 Sept 2013