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Here you will find our complete selection of online publications listed by year (from 2010 - 2007) on arts and culture funding (philanthropy, social investments, public funding, policies, and research in cultural economics), arts education and training, and general arts advocacy and policy. Materials listed include reports, studies, analyses, conference proceedings and papers, case studies, articles, and transcripts of interviews.
UNCTAD Creative Economy Report, Creative Economy: A Feasible Development Option, 2010.

Determinants of donations for culture in Italy: a regional analysis, conference paper, Marina Cavalieri, Anna Mignosa, 2010.

The relationship between public and private financing of culture in the EU, conference paper, (Arjo Klamer, Anna Mignosa, Lyudmilla Petrova), 2010.

Endowments in the arts, report, national arts council of England, 2010.

Research into the Impact of the Arts & Creative Industries on Africa’s Economy, An Arterial Network Project, 2010.


Why should government support the arts? National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (US), 2010.
International Society of Music Education, 29th World Conference, Proceedings, 2010.

Avoiding the Psychological Tsunami: Strengthening the Nonprofit Arts Institution, conference paper (ACEI), Teresa Koberstein, 2010.

The Giving Trap: Does Cultural Taxation Crowdout Private Funding For the Arts?, paper, Lauren L. Schmitz, The New School for Social Research, Department of Economics, May 2010.


Arts philanthropy: the facts, trends, potential, Business and Arts, UK, (Tina Mermiri), 2010.

Dynamic Price Dependence of Canadian and International Art Markets: An Empirical Analysis, paper, Douglas J. Hodgson, UQAM, Université du Québec à Montréal, Department of economics, 2010.

Mapping Cultural Diversity, German UNESCO Commission, Asia Europe Foundation, 2010.

Multiple job holdings: the artist’s labor supply approach, article, Carlos Casacuberta -Universidad de la República, Uruguay, Néstor Gandelman, Universidad ORT, Uruguay, 2010.

The Future of Arts Philanthropy, White Paper, Janet Brown (Grantmakers for the Arts), Americans for the Arts, 2010.

Native Artists: Livelihoods, Resource, Space, Gifts, ACEI conference paper, Ann Markusen and Marcie Rendon, 2010.

The performing arts in lean times - opportunities for reinvention, session report, Salzburg Global Seminar, 2010.
Creative Economy and Culture in the Innovation Policy, Ministry of Education, Finland, 2010.

Entrepreneurship in the Cultural and Creative Industries: Opportunities and Degrees of Innovation and Technology, paper, José Ruiz-Navarro, Professor in Business Organization, Chair of Entrepreneurship, Universidad de Cádiz (Spain), Salustiano Martínez-Fierro, 2010.


The Creative Economy of Crafts: New Opportunities for Developing Market Economies, paper,  Martha Mary Friel, University IULM, Milan, 2010.


Incubating Culture. On cultural entrepreneurship and business development, conference paper, ACEI conference 2010, Kirsti Mathiesen Hjemdahl, 2010.

Statistics in the Wake of Challenges Posed by Diversity in a Globalization Context, Marc Schuster, MIT, UNESCO/ Observatoire de la Culture et des Communications, Quebec, Canada, 2010.
Unlocking the potential of the culture and creative industries, (green paper), European Commission, 2010.

Speaking the language – why festivals need economic impact analysis, paper, Emma Lind, Agder Research Institute, Line Førre Grønstad, Agder Research Institute, 2010.

Arts Funding in India, blog (British Council), 2010.
Arts Funders and the Recession: A Year Later, Molly Sidford, Marcy Hinand Cady, Grantmakers in the Arts Reader, Vol. 21, No. 3 Fall 2010.
Trends in Private Sector Giving in Arts and Cultural Exchange, Margaret C. Ayers, Grantmakers in the Arts, Reader, Vol. 21, No.3, 2010.  
A Delicate Balance: Music Education in Canadian Schools, Hills Strategies Research Inc, 2010.
Arts in Education and Creativity - A Review of the Literature, Report for Creative Partnerships, Mike Fleming, Durham University, 2010.
Mapping the field of Arts and Economics, paper, Lucy Amez, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) - R&D department Centre for R&D monitoring, 2010.
Response to Music Education Review, National Campaign for the Arts (NCA), UK, 2010.
Arts Education and Cognitive Development, Arts Facts, Americans for the Arts, 2010.
Arts and Humanities Research Landscape in India, Report, India Foundation for the Arts / Research Councils UK, 2010.
Partnership for 21st Century Skills Map (the map provides educator-created examples of how art subjects (dance, music, theatre, and visual and media arts) can be fused with skills to create engaging learning experiences that promote 21st century knowledge and skill acquisition), Music Educators National Conference (MENC), 2010.
Creative Industries in China, IVCA Report, 2010.

The New Map of Chinese Cultural Industries, paper, Yang Jianfei, Institute for Cultural Industries, Communication of China, 2010.

The Creative Industries and the development of cultural entrepreneurship education – reality or myth?, ACEI conference paper, Orla Byne, Blaithin McLoughlin and Therese Moylan, 2010.

The Role of Art in a Creative Economy: Testing the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Creativity, paper, Tadashi Yagi, Takeshi Sugio, Masao Yogo, Kennich Akama, Koji Azuma1, 2010.

The Implementation of the Convention on Cultural Diversity in the External Relations of the EU, paper, commissioned by the European Parliament's Committee on Culture and Education, 2010.
Unternehmerische Kulturförderung in Deutschland, (study on sponsorship of the arts in Germany, in German only), Kulturkreis der Deutschen Wirtschaft im BDI e.V., 2010.
Cultural Tourism (cultural travelers - both domestic and international - are ideal tourists. They spend more and stay longer), Arts Facts, Americans for the Arts, 2010.
Culture as a tool for development, Challenges for Analysis and Action, ARCADE (Florence le Duc, ed.), 2010.
Economic Impact of the Non-Profit Arts Industry (USA), Arts Facts, Americans for the Arts, 2010.
Performers' experienced emotions in the construction of expressive musical performance: An exploratory investigation, (abstract of article), Psychology of Music, November 8, Anemone G. W. Van Zijl and John Sloboda, 2010.
Musical narratives: A study of a young child's identity work in and through music-making, (abstract of article), Psychology of Music, October 27, Margaret Barrett, 2010.
Sources of Revenue for Non-Profit Arts Organizations (estimated), Arts Facts, Americans for the Arts, 2010.
Measuring Creativity (book, summary of the European Commission's International Conference "Can creativity be measured?"), 2010.
IFPI Digital Music Report, International Federation of the Phonograpic Industry, 2010
Not Rocket Science. A Roadmap for Arts and Cultural R&D; Report, Hasan Bakhshi, Radhika Desai and Alan Freeman (Australia), 2010.
Culture of Innovation, An Economic Analysis of Innovation in Arts and Cultural Organisations, NESTA, 2010.

The Arts and Business Relationship Model: A model for understanding motivation, paper, HwiJung Kim, PhD in Cultural Policy and Arts Administration, College of the Arts, The Ohio State University, 2010.

The Economics of Art and Culture, (preface of book), Charles M. Gray, James Heilbrun, 2010.
Claiming Creativity, Columbia College Chicago / ELIA, Symposium Report, 2010.
The arts as an instrument? Notes on the controversy surrounding the value of art, abstract of article in International Journal of Cultural Policy, Volume 16 / Issue 2 2010, Kees Vuyk. 
New Models, New Money: A Foundation for the Artist, Centre for Social Impact, Australia (Peter Shergold), 2010.
Private Giving to Arts, Culture and Humanities 1997 - 2009, briefing, Americans for the Arts, 2010.
How to Market Music from Developing Countries Online, presentation, Martin Labbe, International Trade Centre at WIPO meeting, 2009.
Asia-Pacific CultureLink Cultural Policy Conference 2009, Cultural Development and Information Networks in the 21st Century, Conference Report, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2009.
Agenda for the 2009 Global Art Investment Conference, brochure, London Business School, 2009.
Vital Signs: Arts Funding in the Current Economy Steven Lawrence, (analysis that examines the outlook for foundation grants to arts and culture in 2009, including corporate foundation giving, based on data from the US Foundation Center), Grantmakers in the Arts Reader, vol. 20, 2009.
Arts and Culture Philanthropy in Asia, Dawin Chen (Interview), Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium, 2009.
The Independence of Government Arts Funding, Review (Christopher Madden), IFACCA, 2009.
Using Arts and Culture to Stimulate State Economic Development, National Endowment for the Arts, USA, 2009.
Health of Pacific Heritage Arts, Research Summary Report, Arts Council of New Zealand, 2009.
Creativity Counts! Restore Arts Funding Now, Arts Advocacy Alliance (Canada), 2009.

Dynamic Model of Arts Labor Supply, article, Popovic, Milenko, 2009.

Shaping Cultural Diversity, Recommendations for Action from Civil Society for the Implementation in and by Germany of the UNESCO Convention on the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, German UNESCO Commission, 2009.
Performance Measurement in the Arts Sector: The Case of the Performing Arts, (Johanne Turbide, Claude Laurin, authors), Boekman Stichting, 2009.
Local Pride: A Study into Private Giving to the Arts in England, A Study into Donor Motivation, (author:Ana Gaio, City University, London; editor: Joanne South, Arts&Business UK), 2009.
Supporting Music: Voices from the Field, Essays by Directors of Music Organisations from Around the World. IMTF Philanthropy Series, Vol. I, June 2009. (Erica Eyrich, Martin Dixon, eds.).

Encourage children today to build audiences for tomorrow, Arts Council England, 2009.  

Visas - the discordant note - A White paper on visa issues, Europe & artists' mobility, Freemuse, ELMF, ECA, (Ole Reitov and Hans Hjorth, authors), 2009.
Access to Knowledge and Creativity, IP and Strategies for the Creative Industries, presentation at WIPO meeting, Shirley Leung, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2009.
Investing in Music, IMTF Music Advisory Services Brochure, 2009.
Private Investments in Culture 2008/2009: the arts in the "new normal", Arts and Business UK, (Tini Mermiri), 2009. 
Integrating Human Rights, Culture and Gender in Programming (Interactive manual for training workshops with UN-related development practitioners, published by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The aim of the manual is to show basics of how to communicate, negotiate and mediate about culturally sensitive issues. It includes a programming tool - the "Culture Lens" - developed by UNFPA, as well as discussion of how it relates to international development goals, and how it can be applied. UNFPA, 2009.

Culture and Creative Industries in Germany, Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, 2009.

Philanthropy and the Arts, Arts Council Ireland, 2009.

Arts and Ecological Sustainability, 2009 Report of the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies.

Creativity and Innovation, Position paper, ELIA/AEC for the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, 2009.

Global Financial Crisis and the Impact on the Arts, 2009 Report of the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies.

Strategic Music Diplomacy: Exploring Models of Cultural and Social Engagement, Summary of an IMTF knowledge-building roundtable held in Paris, November 2008.

The Importance of Artistic Research and its Contribution to 'New Knowledge' in a Creative Europe, European League of  Institutes of the Arts, ELIA Strategy Paper, 2008. 

Towards an International Higher Music Education Area, 2008 Policy Paper of the European Association of Music Conservatoires.
Music will not be Silenced, Freemuse report outlining various case studies relating to freedom of expresson, World Forum on Music Censorship, 2008. 
Investing in Arts and Culture, The Corporate Philanthropist, Dana Goia, 2007.

Soziale Sicherheit von Kulturschaffenden in der Schweiz, (in German only), Study, Hans-Jakob Mosimann, Fabio Manfrin, Suisseculture Sociale, 2007.

Trends in the Arts and Arts Funding, Final Report, R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd., for Alberta Foundation for the Arts (Canada), 2007.
Earlier publications:
Status of the Artist, presentation, John F Smith, International Federation of Musicians, 2006.

Artists’ Careers and their Labor Markets, Neil O. Alper, Gregory H. Wassall, Department of Economics, Northeastern University, 2006.

Sponsorship of the Arts: An Annotated and Selected Bibliography, Matthieu Feigné, HEC Montreal, Canada, 2006.

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