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This section provides access to online publications (reports, studies, analyses, conference proceedings and papers, case studies, articles, and transcripts of interviews) in the area of arts and culture advocacy and policy.


To suggest publications for inclusion in this database, contact: admin@artsinvestmentforum.org
UNCTAD Creative Economy Report, Creative Economy: A Feasible Development Option, 2010.

Determinants of donations for culture in Italy: a regional analysis, conference paper, Marina Cavalieri, Anna Mignosa, 2010.

Why should government support the arts? National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (US), 2010. 



Creative Economy and Culture in the Innovation Policy, Ministry of Education, Finland, 2010.
Statistics in the Wake of Challenges Posed by Diversity in a Globalization Context, Marc Schuster, MIT, UNESCO/ Observatoire de la Culture et des Communications, Quebec, Canada, 2010.
Unlocking the potential of the culture and creative industries, (green paper), European Commission, 2010.
Measuring Creativity (book, summary of the European Commission's International Conference "Can creativity be measured?"), 2010.
The Independence of Government Arts Funding, Review (Christopher Madden), IFACCA, 2009.
Using Arts and Culture to Stimulate State Economic Development, National Endowment for the Arts, USA, 2009.
Creativity Counts! Restore Arts Funding Now, Arts Advocacy Alliance (Canada), 2009.  
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