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Promoting Investment in the Cultural and Creative Sector: Financing Needs, Trends and Opportunities
Topic(s): creative industries and entrepreneurship, arts philanthropy, social investment, public and private funding policies / research


Keywords:  Financing of cultural and creative sector - EU - policy makers - private sector investment - Nantes Metropole

This report has been produced on behalf of Nantes Metropole. It provides an analysis of the financing needs of the cultural and creative sector. It also looks at the existing trends and identifies opportunities for improvements in access to finance within the sector in some European countries. It aims to raise awareness amongst policy makers of the financing schemes and support measures that can enable the development of the cultural and creative industries (CCIs). It wishes to encourage private investment in the sector.

Author / Published by: Report (prepared for Nantes Metropole), KEA European Affairs
Year of publication: 2010
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