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Loving Cultural Heritage. Private individual giving and pro-social Behavior
Topic(s): research on arts and cultural economics, arts philanthropy, public and private funding policies / research
Keywords:  Private giving - cultural heritage - Italy - economic research - fiscal incentives - policy  - fundraising institutions

This paper analyzes patterns of private individual giving to Cultural Heritage institutions in Italy. Based on the emerging economic literature on pro-social behavior, we carried out a Contingent Valuation survey to assess individuals’ willingness to donate to museums and heritage organizations according to different conditions and set of incentives. Our findings reveal that intrinsic motivations and accountability of the recipient institutions may be more effective drivers for eliciting charitable giving than the usually proposed fiscal incentives. The results provide avenues for future empirical research and policy suggestions for fund raising cultural institutions.

Author / Published by: E. Bertacchini and W. Santagata and G. Signorello
Year of publication: 2010
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