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Unlocking the potential of the culture and creative industries
Topic(s): creative industries and entrepreneurship, research on arts and cultural economics
Keywords:  Green paper - cultural and creative industries - cultural policies - EU

This Green Paper aims to spark a debate on the requirements of a truly stimulating creative environment for the EU's CCIs. It includes multiple perspectives, from that of the business environment to the need to open up a common European space for culture, from capacity building to skills development and promotion of European creators on the world stage. It does not aim to cover all the issues that may impact on these industries, but addresses some key areas where making full use of policies and instruments at all levels of governance and achieving a greater coherence and coordination among them can effectively unlock the potential of CCIs in Europe. The questions raised are typically relevant to policy makers, CCIs and other stakeholders at several levels: European, national, regional and local.

Author / Published by: European Commission
Year of publication: 2010
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