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COMPENDIUM: Culture and Development - selection of online reference documents


Olaf Gerlach-Hansen


Olaf Gerlach-Hansen led the founding and establishment of the Danish Center for Culture and Development (DCCD) under the Danish Foreign Ministry. He was 1998-2006 appointed DCCD Director and in charge of a grant program and building and implementing international strategies for culture and development. Since 1990 and over 17 years, he was director and producer of the western world’s largest recurring art & cultural festival focusing on dialogue with the non-western world, the Images festival. He developed major programs with Africa, Asia, the Middle East and on the worldwide cultural consequences of globalization. Today he is international director of Culture|Futures – the transitions to an Ecological Age; senior advisor at the Danish Cultural Institute and director of CuDIC ApS – Culture, Development and International Cooperation. Olaf has a MA in literature and linguistic psychology and specialized in dreams and imagination. He is a Past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and currently member Danish UNESCO National Commission Advisory, Steering Group of International Network for Cultural Diversity & EUNIC Strategy Group.