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Native Arts and Cultures: Research, Growth and Opportunities for Philanthropic Support
Topic(s): arts philanthropy, social investment, artists' labour markets, creative industries and entrepreneurship
Keywords:  Grant-making - Indigenous knowledge - arts and culture fields - arts organisations - philanthropy

The Ford Foundation’s Strengthening the Field of Native Arts and Cultures Initiative, part of its Indigenous Knowledge and Expressive Culture grant-making initiative, was a dedicated effort to support American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian artists and the organizations that support them.  Between 2006 and 2008, the IllumiNation cohort regranted their funding in 193 grants totaling $973,687 to Native artists, culture bearers and community-based arts organizations. These re-grantees are relatively new at engaging philanthropy and, as a result of their experience, say that it benefitted them, their professional lives and their communities. An initial evaluation of the initiative’s progress toward meeting its objectives and helping to support growth of the Native arts and cultures field during the first round of grant making is described here.

Author / Published by: The Ford Foundation
Year of publication: 2010
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