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Live Classical Music Organizations in Europe - an international comparison of funding trends, governance mechanisms and organizational structures
Topics: arts philanthropy, social investment
Keywords: classical music organizations - Europe - funding rends - governance - comparative analysis - statistics

This study is a preliminary comparative analysis of cultural policy towards the European classical music sector with an in-depth economic perspective rooted in empirical research. The research describes funding and financial trends, governance mechanisms and organizational structures of more than 150 publicly subsidized classical music institutions – i.e. live classical music organizations (LCMOs) – operating in six European countries (Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, UK) over the last ten years. The trends and statistics are analyzed not only by looking at the actual structures, but also by researching the perceptions and viewpoints of relevant experts and professionals in the sector. The study offers a methodological reflection on the use, abuse, misuse of cultural statistics and financial data of individual classical music institutions; describes several features of the circumstances of classical music organizations in selected countries with a focus on the current cultural policy debate; and reconstructs and compares crucial economic trends through statistics and quantitative data for relevant samples of publicly subsidized classical music organizations.

Author / Published by: Marcello M. Mariani, European Cultural Foundation
Year of publication: 2010
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