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Michaela S. Bergman

Michaela Bergman is a social anthropologist and lawyer by background, with 20 years’ experience of working in development with a variety of Multi-lateral, International Financial Institutions, bi-laterals and civil society.  She has worked in over 40 countries, in East and Central Europe, Central, East and South Asia and more recently in the Middle East. Her expertise and experience lies both in policy and project related activities related to gender, involuntary resettlement, poverty alleviation, protection and empowerment of vulnerable and socially excluded groups, Indigenous Peoples, community development,  disability, provision of community based services, support of civil society, human rights and labour laws; particularly in post-conflict countries and transitional economies.  Michaela joined EBRD seven and a half years ago.  She has just been appointed the Chief Counsellor for Social issues and given the responsibility for mainstreaming gender into the Bank’s operations.