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New Members' Profiles: 
Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts, Singapore (MICA)        
MICA's mission is to: 
1. Propell the Creative Economy
  • Develop and promote our creative industries (arts and culture, design, media) and infocomm technology sector to create new economic value and jobs.
2. Foster a Connected Society
  • Forge a strong sense of community, national identity, rootedness and inclusion among Singaporeans by enriching our arts and cultural resources, ensuring quality media content, and empowering individuals through infocomm literacy and access for all.
  • Foster better understanding between the Government, Singaporeans, and international stakeholders through effective public communications.


UNCTAD Creative Economy and Industries Programme                                        


UNCTAD has been proactive in promoting international action in the area of the creative industries, and hence, the creative economy, emphasizing their development dimension. 
Business and Arts South Africa (BASA)                                                                    
BASA's mission is to ensure the relevance and sustainability of the arts in South Africa by providing expertise in developing partnerships between business and the arts.