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Measuring Social Value - the gap between policy and practice
Topics: research on arts and cultural economics
Keywords: Measurement - social value - third sector - SROI - report - DEMOS - review

The Demos project Measuring Social Value aimed to gain a better idea of the current capacity within the third sector to measure and communicate social value. Demos considered the measurement of social value in the third sector from both a theoretical and a practical perspective, and in so doing sought to answer the following questions: What are the tools available for measuring social value?, How does the third sector currently measure and communicate its social value?, Is the sector ready to adopt the Social Return on Investment (SROI) model, currently the focus of government and other work?, What alternative approaches to measuring social value might be usefully applied to improve the overall standards of social reporting in the sector, particularly for organisations for which SROI is unattainable and/or inappropriate? This report answers these questions by drawing on a review of theoretical frameworks for measuring social value; by looking at a selection of third sector organisations to assess their capacity and progress towards utilising these frameworks; and by consulting sectoral experts to gain a wider picture of the sector.

Authors / Published by: Claudia Wood and Daniel Leighton / DEMOS
Year of publication: 2010
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