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‘Birds’and ‘Borgman’ signal sea change in Dutch culture, Financial Times, 31 May 2013


Museums take up crowdfunding. Smithsonian in Washington appeals for funds for yoga exhibit, CBC news, 31 May 2013


Hollywood’s Legendary teams with influential state-owned China Film to make big-money flicks, Washington Post, 31 May 2013

South Korea Can’t Just Order Up Creative Economy, Bloomberg, 30 May 2013

UK Arts Council Chief: Music Industry is Failing, UltimateGuitar.com, 30 May 2013


Six Risks To The Global Art Market in 2014, Forbes, 30 May 2013


Why Philanthropy Should Steam Ahead and Support the Creative Economy, Huffington Post (blog), 30 May 2013


UNESCO and Italy launch new cooperation to restore and conserve cultural heritage in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, UNESCO.org, 29 May 2013


Cultural committee demands arts budget reduction, Daily News Egypt, 29 May 2013

European art in an age of austerity, Foreign Policy blog, 28 May 2013


Is marketplace the best judge of art? A debate -- and an answer, Los Angeles Times, 28 May 2013

Government pours $4.3 mi into creative industries in northeast Brazil, ZDnet, 24 May 2013

Artistic Entrepreneurs Fuel the Creative Economy - It takes a community...Forbes, 23 May 2013


Local arts groups receive ArtPlace America grants, The Line, 22 May 2013


Beyond Dollars and Cents: Defining Policy in Culture, World Policy Blog, 21 May 2013 

France preparing tax on Apple and Google to fund culture, The Telegraph, 21 May 2013

Re-dreaming the economy: why creative entrepreneurs are the future, BizCommunity.com, 21 May 2013


Sheikha Salama: We should take enormous pride in our artists, The National, 21 May 2013


UK Culture Means Business, Huffington Post UK, 21 May 2013


Bridge the gap on innovation rights, Financial Times, 20 May 2013


Ghana: Global trade in creative economy up to $624b in 2011 – Report, Ghana Business News, 21 May 2013


Rwanda:Minister Says National Development Is Linked to Robust Culture, allAfrica.com, 20 May 2013


Indigenous culture, youth among key topics as UN permanent forum opens 12th sessionUN News Centre, 20 May 2013


Hong Kong: Rage over $25b culture bill, The Standard, 20 May 2013


India and China Sign Deals on Economic and Cultural Cooperation, New York Times, 20 May 2013

China media baron Thomas Shao launches two cultural titles, South China Morning Post, 19 May 2013


The Day the Music Died in Mali, New York Times, 19 May 2013


Arts funding is going, going –and if we don't think of alternatives, it will soon be gone, The Independent, 18 May 2013


Culture key to sustainable development, China Daily, 16 May 2013


A host of opportunities open up for private sector in Abu Dhabi’s cultural tourism ventures, Gulf News, 16 May 2013


London takes 90% of all charitable arts funding, The Telegraph, 15 May 2013


Cultural Projects Woo Investors in Shenzhen, Anhuinews.com, 13 May 2013

Culture wars: why attack heritage? BBC History, 10 May 2013

There can be no power without culture: Forum d'Avignon, Daijiworld.com, 10 May 2013


UNESCO, China to include culture in future agenda, China.org.cn, 10 May 2013


Taiwan seeks official cross-strait talks on culture, Focus Taiwan, 09 May 2013


Zealous Plans To Save The Economy With Creativity, Forbes 09 May 2013


Investment in the arts is in everyone’s interest, Financial Times, 09 May 2013


Feds hand millions in grants to states for arts, music,newsobserver.com, 08 May 2013


Arts and culture worth more than £850m to UK export trade, The Guardian, 06 May 2013


A look at NESTA’s ‘Manifesto for the creative economy’, econsultancy.com, 02 May 2013


European arts funding: why don't more UK cultural organisations apply? The Guardian (blog), 01 May 2013


Commission for Creative Industries to be Established, Jamaica Information Service, 01 May 2013