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Mr. Adam Woodward, Secretary

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580007, Karnataka, India.


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  Concert. KSV
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Girl performing in a concert. KSV.

Through their achievements at KSV the students will be in a position to attain more meaningful livelihoods, thus breaking the cycle of persistent poverty and creating a better future for themselves and their communities.

Through their music the children will contribute towards the conservation and diffusion of India’s vast musical heritage.




It is the fundamental right of all children to have access to education, adequate food, healthcare facilities and to participate in their community’s cultural life. Empowering disadvantaged children according to our mission statement gives them the opportunity to obtain qualifications in academics and music. Ultimately, this will enable them to find meaningful and well-paid employment which will have a positive impact upon them and their families.


Background and Activities                                                                          


KSV was founded on 07.07.2003 in Dharwad, Karnataka, India. It is a non-profit organization (Registered Society - Reg No: 121/2003-04) with 43 full-time and 13 part-time employees. In addition, it works with 10 – 15 volunteers.

KSV serves those children and families who belong to the economic underclass, who suffer from socio-economic marginalization. It is extremely difficult for the parents of the children to obtain the best opportunities for their children; KSV aims to give these families the opportunities they dream of for their children and help them to change the course of their families’ future, to become more financially stable and to obtain a better quality of life.

There is a significant lack of music teachers in Government and private educational institutions. KSV provides human resources to fill this gap thus improving the lives of many children in Karnataka.


KSV’s music programme is inspired by the Gurukul tradition. Students learn vocals, harmonium, sitar, tabla, violin or bansuri. Each student is assigned a professional teacher for lessons every day and they also practice daily for one hour. By practicing music intensively they become members of the musical lineage of their mentors. This new identity gives them access to the world of professional musicians. Students are also prepared for music examinations with the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board and Gandharva Mahavidyalaya.


Students admitted to the school come with a variety of academic abilities. This means KSV strives to give a singular direction to our educational programme for the benefit of all. Being a residential school, KSV’s students always attend their classes (maximum class size 30), some receiving individual instruction when necessary. The students follow the Karnataka State Syllabus in Kannada medium; English and Hindi are also taught to a high level. Other subjects include mathematics, science, and social science.  Extracurricular activities include reading classes, conversational English, art, storytelling, moral education, library time and sports.


The personal and social development of each child is of the utmost importance in preparing KSV students for living and working in today’s world. The values underlining the ethos of KSV are justice, non-violence, equality, sharing, cooperation, excellence and respect for people and one’s environment. Therefore by implementing these values, KSV students are well-prepared for adulthood and will become honest and responsible members of society.

The health and welfare of KSV students is of primary importance. Healthy meals are prepared on campus and provided three times a day. A medical unit at the school monitors the children’s health. In the event of a serious illness or accident, children are taken to the hospital.

Healthy meals and regular exercise strengthens mind and body. KSV organizes sports and games, such as our annual KSV Olympics and tournaments in volleyball, cricket and badminton.



KSV has 185 students, who are the direct beneficiaries from the services provided. As these students graduate from colleges and universities and gain meaningful employment, their family members will become indirect beneficiaries.     

KSV uses a definitive set of indicators to measure and evaluate its activities. These indicators are applied in the various departments as follows:

Administration: Number of students admitted, number of SC/ST students admitted, number of orphans admitted, number of girls admitted, number of boys admitted, number of single parent students admitted.

Academic: Number of students who passed exams, progress rate between semesters for each student, progress between current and previous year, girls progress rates, boys progress rates.

Music: Number of students who passed exams, progress rate between semesters for each student, progress between current and previous year, girls progress rates, boys progress rates.

Healthcare: Each child’s height and weight are checked bi-annually and checked against the BMI.

If there are any adverse results then remedial action will be taken to correct the problem.


Short-Term Changes

KSV ensures that all admitted students receive an excellent education in both academic studies and music. For most students, this was not the case before arriving at KSV. KSV also ensures that all the students maintain good health – this is done through a well-balanced and nutritious diet with exercise.

After some time at KSV, the students start to gain confidence, self-esteem and a feeling of achievement. This all leads to improved participation in their studies.

Medium-Term Changes

Up to the present day, KSV has a 100% successful pass rate for the final year school examinations (SSLC). For the remainder of the school (1st to 9th Standards) the pass rate is 92%. In music, for both the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board and Gandharva Mahavidyalaya music exams KSV has a 100% pass rate.

Currently at KSV there are 17 students who are studying higher education courses. This ranges from Pre-University College courses to post graduation courses.

Long-Term Changes

It is really still too early to see the long term changes as a result of our activities. This will occur in a few years when the students studying higher education, get qualified and secure meaningful and well paid employment. Also, through their music the students will contribute towards the conservation and diffusion of India’s vast musical heritage.

A Challenge: Generating Interest with the Student’s Parents with regards to Their Child’s Education

As most of the parents are not as lucky as their children today, as they did not have access to a good education and in many cases they received no education at all. This makes it extremely difficult for them to comprehend the value of education, especially education in music. This adversely affects KSV in various ways, for instance, the parents do not attend the parents meetings and other functions regularly, or they do not bring their children back from the holidays on time which causes problems in the classes.

KSV aims to tackle this problem by organizing more interesting functions to attract parents. It is also a tentative plan for KSV to employ a full time social worker. This individual, as well as helping the children with any issues, will focus a lot of her or his time on the parents. KSV aims to have a better understanding of the problems which the children and their families are facing, which we hope will lead towards a smoother running organization.


Finances and Partnerships                                                                         

Since its inception, KSV has been growing at a tremendous rate. In 2010, KSV set up a fundraising department and its target in the first year is to raise Rs.28,00,000.00. KSV has secured many partnerships over the years, both financial and technical:

Young Musicians of the World

Young Musicians of the World has been, and continues to be, KSV’s major financial partner. 

Deshpande Foundation

KSV is both a financial and non-financial partner with the Deshpande Foundation. KSV is currently in the middle of a funding cycle with DF in order to strengthen the fundraising activities.

Namaste Association

The Namaste Association has been a financial partner with KSV since 2008. This association make regular annual donations to KSV.


KSV has been accredited by G2A as part of the due diligence process.


KSV has had a partnership with Inter Cultural Dialogue Exchange since 2005. Each year ICDE sends at least two volunteers to KSV.


RAPID is a local organization that primarily helps women in distress. KSV has a partnership with them whereby they pay the fees and accompanying costs for our female students attending higher education courses.


KSV is solely reliant upon private fundraising activities and receives no funding from the Indian Government. In the year 2010-11 the incoming funds came from the following sources:

Young Musicians of the World – 66%

Namaste Association – 13%

Deshpande Foundation – 7%

ICDE – 3%

Other sources (mainly individual donors) – 11%

KSV currently employs two people in its fundraising department; one full time Senior Fundraising Coordinator and one full time fundraising officer. KSV also utilizes the help of one or two volunteers for fundraising activities.


Last updated: 13th June 2011