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Archive June 2014


Cameron vows to double value of exports from creative industries, Financial Times, 30 June 2014


Fashion's economic potential, Jamaica Observer, 30 June 2014


Minister: Culture is the strongest bond linking China, US, Chinadaily USA, 30 June 2014


China Announces Film Industry Tax Incentives, China Briefing, 30 June 2014


Apollo's Black Finances App as Art Startups Target Market, Businessweek, 30 June 2014


YouTube's Fans-Funding Feature Will Rock The Crowdfunding Boat, Seeking Alpha, 29 June 2014

South-East Europe vows cooperation for sustainable cultural development, GlobalPost, 28 June, 2014


How Creative Capital Supports Artists, Los Angeles Confidential, 27 June 2014


Art for the sake of urbanscape, The Hundi, 26 June 2014


Why Cities Should Be More Skeptical of New Cultural Centers and ExpansionsCityLab, 24 June 2014


New strategy widens the scope of arts funding, Herald Scotland, 24 June 2014


It's time to give the artists more control, The Guardian (blog), 23 June 2014


The Battle for Soft Power: America's Digital Cold War with China, Huffington Post, 23 June 2014


CARICOM on Creative IndustriesSKNVibes.com, 20 Jun3, 2014


Art Basel: all is well in the art market world, euronews, 20 June 2014


Latin America: the music industry's new frontier, The Guardian, 20 June 2014


Act now or risk missing out, warns culture report, Arts Professional, 18 June 2014


Kremlin's Film Funding Under Fire, The St. Petersburg Times, 18 June 2014


Internet art fails to click, Art Newspaper, 18 June 2014


Crowdfunding scheme for UK art launched, BBC News, 18 Jun 2014


Old-Fashioned Curating Trumps $2 Billion of Art for Sale at Art Basel, artnet News, 17 June 2014


Xinhua Insight: Theaters in transition as China reforms, Yinhua, 17 June 2014


How do you measure theatre's value?, The Guardian (blog), 17 June 2014


Peter Bazalgette on regional arts funding: 'blame lies with council cuts', The Guardian, 15 June 2014


Insight into China's creative industries, Research Magazine, 14 June 2014


INSIDE TRACK: Creative Scotland attempts to put a value on art, Herald Scotland, 14 June 2014


BC Artscape: new group looks to create more than artist's studios, Vancouver Sun (blog), 14 June 2014


Creative cities require creative planning, ArtsHub (subscription), 13 June 2014


French benefits dispute with artists will haunt Hollande, The Conversation, 13 June 2014


French cultural industries, The Economist, 13 June 2014


UK tax breaks working : Film Industry up 14% year-on-year, Film Industry Network UK, 13 June 2014


$25 million tower of arts power, Sydnes City News, 12 June 2014


Internet Silk Road could bring China to the world: industry figure, WantChinaTimes, 10 June 2014


'Arts must try harder to attract philanthropy' - Ed Vaizey, Te Stage, 10 June 2014


If you want arts for all, nurture the roots…, Classical-Music.com (blog), 10 June 2014


Taking the Creative and Economic Pulse of the City, Huffington Post, 09 June 2014


Interview: New Silk Road to build global access to Chinese culture, Shanghai Daily (subscription), 09 June 2014


St James Cavalier hosts EU culture work group, Times of Malta, 08 June 2014


Russian Film Production: Between Hollywood & Kremlin, The Moscow Times, 08 June 2014


Free Music, at Least While It Lasts, New York Times, 08 June 2014


New Secretary of State wants 'culture for all', BBC News, 05 June 2014


When creativity meets economy in Europe: interview with Bernd Fesel, AMA, 04 June 2014


Inside the $6B Art Theft Market, Bloomberg, 04 June 2014


These Two Foundations Are Breaking New Ground in Funding Arts in Underserved Communities, Inside Philanthropy, 03 June 2014


France and Germany Launch New Arts Funding Initiative, artnet News, 03 June 2014


Iran, Italy Discuss Promotion of Cultural Cooperation, Fars News Agency, 01 June 2014