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Budget Battle Looms Over New EU Cultural Funding ProgramHollywood Reporter, 30 June 2013


Germany’s politics of culture, Deutsche Welle, 26 June 2013


What are artists really worth? Funding, friction and the future of artThe Guardian (blog), 24 June 2013


The world awaits a cultural awakening – UN, culture and development, The New Indian Express, 23 June 2013


Valuing Cultural Differences: The China Dream a far cry from the American Dream - it's Meng, Shanghai Daily, 20 June 2013


Monet Tops $165 Million Sale, Modern Art Confidence Rises, Bloomberg, 20 June 2013


US: Educators, artists, lawmakers urge more emphasis on the arts, Miami Herald, 19 June 2013


John Studzinski: The banker marrying business and the arts, The Independent, 19 June 2013


Big Spenders Look for Smart Philanthropy, Artshub.com, 19 June 2013


Adopt an artist, support the arts in Madrid, Deutsche Welle, 19 June 2013


Iran Cuts Funding to Hamas For Cultural Programs, Al Monitor, 19 June 2013


African Artist Networks and Artistic Sovereignty, Nonprofit Quarterly, 19 June 2013


Supporting artistic and cultural creation in the EU, European Parliament News, 18 June 2013


Punjab budget: Funds for Information and Culture sector slashed by 47 per cent, Tribune.com.pj, 18 June 2013


UK Culture department agrees 8% budget cut, BBC, 14 June 2013


Aviation Industry Corporation of China plans to invest about 3 billion yuan ($492 million) into an art zone project in East China's Anhui province, cnanhui.org, 13 June 2013


Bank of America Helps Restore Picasso, Courbet, Bloomberg, 13 June 2013




Creative Industries and Economic Impact


Economic impact of funding for the artsThe Guardian, 28 June 2013


Shanghai’s arts sector creates $1.1b in added value in 2012, ecns.cn, 28 June 2013


Kenya to Prop the Arts and Film Industry, AllAfrica.com, 27 June 2013


Spending Review: Investing in Museums Makes Economic SenseHuffington Post UK, 27 June 2013


Jamaica triples earnings from creative industry, The Gleaner, 23 June 2013


Dubai unveils big fashion industry plansTrade Arabia,20 June 2013


The neglect of Britain's creative industries bodes ill for our economy, The Independent, 19 June 2013


A new database aimed at helping those working in the cultural industries to make the case for the arts has been launched by the umbrella body for London’s boroughs, London Councils, 18 June 2013


South Korea’s President Park discusses 'creative economy' vision with Facebook CEO, Yonhap News Agency, 17 June 2013


Why Gaming Is Still A Great Bet For Investors, Techcrunch.com, 17 June 2013


Return on investment from art, culture more than just money, Vancouver Sun, 16 June 2013


European Filmmakers Declare Victory in Culture Trade War, Hollywood Reporter, 15 June 2013


Creative industries vital for nation-building, says South African Minister for Arts and Culture, bdlive.co.za, 14 June 2013


How Puerto Rico Will Create a New Place for Itself in the Global Creative Economy, Forbes, 13 June 2013


Budget 2013: ‘Declining Pakistani Film Industry Needs Bail-Out Package’, Express Tribune, 12 June 2013


Art Basel opens door to billion-dollar market, The Age, 12 June 2013


Creative economy: less of the pipes vs poetry debate, please, The Guardian (blog), 12 June 2013


Culture opens new avenues for development, New Era, 12 June 2013


What impact will coming cuts in state funding have on regional arts organizations? Indiweek.com, 12 June 2013


Spending review cuts threaten two-thirds of UK arts projects, City.a.m., 12 June 2013


Australia's first music crowd-funding site:Zoshpit,Themusicnetwork.com, 11 June 2013


Africa’s Art Establishment Strives for Self-Sufficiency, The New York Times, 11 June 2013


Creative Scotland in new vision statement plans, Scotsman.com, 11 June 2013


US warns EU against exempting film industry from trade talks, Financial Times, 11 June 2013


Beirut Design Week 2013:Creative, Innovative & Collaborative, Naharnet, 11 June 2013


Oprah Winfrey donates $12 million to Smithsonian’s African American museum, The Washington Post, 11 June 2013


How the City is saving the arts, Squaremile.com, 09 June 2013


British Program Puts Philanthropy at One’s Fingertips, The New York Times, 11 June 2013


New district for design industry in Dubai, Trade Arabia, 09 June 2013


Ghana: Nigeria, Ghana Plan Expo On Culture, Tourism, AllAfrica.com, 07 June 2013


Russian Minister of Culture Completes Takeover of State Film Funding, Hollywood Reporter, 06 June 2013


'Hedge-fund lads' don't help culture, says former Arts Council chairman, The Telegraph, 05 June 2013


City of Dallas, New Cities Foundation Launch New Global Consortium of Cultural Districts, DMagazine, 05 June 2013


Egypt's culture 'under attack' from government, claim artists, The Guardian, 05 June 2013