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Italy's Luxury Companies Step Up to Restore Monuments. Bloomberg Businessweek, 31 Jan 2013


The India Art Fair attracts 1,000 artists from around the world. The National, 31 Jan 2013


New plan to solve disconnect around London’s cultural opportunities. London Community News, 31 Jan 2013


Dutch Arts Groups Shut Down as Funding Vanishes. International Herald Times (blog), 30 Jan 2013

'Promote Bahrain as cultural hub'. Gulf Daily News, 30 Jan 2013


Kennedy Center Announces $100-Million Expansion Plan. Chronicle of Philanthropy, 30 Jan 2013


UNESCO to help Mali restore cultural heritage damaged during recent violence. UN News Center, 30 Jan 2013


Beijing enhances cultural and creative industries. Beijing.china.org, 29 Jan 2013


Creative England CEO calls for creative sector development following release of Pinewood Studios media report. The Drum, 29 Jan 2013


Regulating Art Markets Saves Billionaires Millions! Huffington Post (blog), 29 Jan 2013


Why are Japanese cartoons a global hit? MIT News, 29 Jan 2013


As Music Streaming Grows, Royalties Slow to a Trickle. New York Times, 28 Jan 2013


Iceland banks on the arts. Wired, 28 Jan 2013


The Creative Arts and the Two Million Cedi Conundrum. Ghanaweb.com, 27 Jan 2013


As Art Values Rise, So Do Concerns About Market’s Oversight. New York Times, 27 Jan 2013


Nigeria: Don Advocates Rebranding of Nigeria Through Arts, Culture. AllAfrica.com, 27 Jan 2013

Creative jobs: maybe that arts degree isn’t so useless after all.Crikey.com.au, 25 Jan 2013


The Political Economy of Cultural Heritage. Jakarta Post, 25 Jan 2013


Australia: National Cultural Policy Will DriveNational Economy. The Australian, 23 Jan 2013

Malayalam film industry makes an impressive turn around, One India Entertainment, 22 Jan 2013


Vietnam:The paradox of $500 million scheme for culture, English.vietnam.net, 22 Jan 2013


Iranian Artists Hit By Sanctions. Guardian, 22 Jan 2013


Africa's Music Industry: Building With Cassettes & MP3s In An Underdeveloped Terrain, Hypebot.com, 21 Jan 2013


Facebookers Get Into Philanthropy: A3 Foundation Launches At Sundance To Support Asian-American Artists. Tech Crunch, 21 Jan 2013


Hong Kong’s Arts Funding Strategy. The Standard, 21 Jan 2013


Brazil: Workers to receive monthly sum for cultural expenses,UV10, 21 Jan 2013


Culture is an economic driver. Jamaica Observer, 20 Jan 2013


The case for naming a U.S. secretary of Culture, Los Angeles Times, 19 Jan 2013


Ghana:Stakeholders Meet Over Contribution of Music Industry to GDP, AllAfrica.com, 18 Jan 2013


Focus: Funding of the Arts (Debate), Gulf News, 18 Jan 2013


Philippines to host high-level dialogue with Spain – focus also on creative industries, Sun Star, 18 Jan 2013


Canvassing cultural lift for Nigeria’s economy, The Guardian Nigeria, 11 Jan 2013


Shanghai aims to be capitalof creative design, China Daily, 11 Jan 2013


PNM to expand microcredit, focus on creative economy. Jakarta Post, 10 Jan 2013


Harper Government Supports Private Sector Investment in the Arts. Canadian Newswire, 10 Jan 2013


Kickstarter $100 million milestone in film-pledges includes local projects, Oscar nominees. The Amplifier, 10 Jan 2013


Art Factories: Cheap Rents Lures Creatives to Revitalize Cities.Global Atlanta, 09 Jan 2012


Lessons for Managing and Motivating Creative People. Forbes, 09 Jan 2013


Angola: Culture Minister Wants Reflection on Development of Arts. AllAfrica.com, 08 Jan 2013


China: Curtain Rising on Theater Investment. CNBC, 07 Jan 2013


Chinese cultural industry yields 4 trillion yuan in 2012Morning Whistle, 06 Jan 2013


Revenue of State firms rises 17.1% in cultural sector. China Daily, 03 Jan 2013


The Boom of Creative Industry in Europe. PR Newswire, 03 Jan 2013