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Statistics in the Wake of Challenges Posed by Diversity in a Globalization Context
Topic(s): research on arts and cultural economics
Keywords:  Cultural data - statistics - cultural policy research - information infrastructure

This paper considers, from a public policy viewpoint, how cultural data are transformed into statistics and meaning. It is concerned primarily with how information is to be used in cultural policy decisions. The paper begins with a discussion of league tables as a metaphor for the collection, calculation, and dissemination of cross-national cultural statistics. Next discusses how the twin questions of definitions and boundaries shape the work of data gathering and presentation. It then turns to a presentation of the generic components of the research and information infrastructure currently in use throughout the world. The final section presents some of the most important results from a recent research project, Informing Cultural Policy: The Research and Information Infrastructure, which investigated the way in which cultural policy research is structured in a number of countries in Europe and North American.

Author / Published by: Marc Schuster, MIT, UNESCO/ Observatoire de la Culture et des Communications, Quebec, Canada
Year of publication: (first presented 2002) 2010
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