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::: Executive  :::

The AIF Executive oversees the organization's management with a view to ensuring that assets are used properly, laws and regulations are followed, and the public interest is best served.

Elena Loukoianova

Michelle Constant

Erica Eyrich  (AIF Director - bio)(

::: Advisory Council :::


The AIF Advisory Council is a group of distinguished people who very generously place their experience and expertise at the disposal of the organisation. They are consulted when advice in a particular area is needed and the contribution they make to the AIF and the field is extremely valuable and greatly appreciated.


Pablo Barbará Gómez

Dr. Darwin Chen

Dr. Ian Cross 

Mary Ann DeVlieg 

Monica Dugot

Dr. Karen Hadem 

Lee Suan)

Hoda I. Al Khamis Kanoo

Pius Knüsel 

Robert Lynch 

Lupwishi Mbuyamba

Dr. Damien Pwono

Prof. Dr. Ruth Towse 

Prof. Dr. Felix Unger 

Katherine Watson