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Funding Culture, Managing the Risk
Topics: social investment, arts philanthropy, public and private funding policies / research
Keywords:  funding - culture sector  - investment models - managing risk - UNESCO - policy agenda - MDGs 

These proceedings of a two-day symposium on the theme “Funding Culture, Managing the Risk”, which was organized by UENSCO, with the generous support of the Government of Spain, organized, provide an overview of 4 roundtable discussions aimed at providing decision-makers with suggestive examples of funding initiatives and management models. The aim was to explore new forms of funding and financing the cultural sector beyond traditional means such as subsidies, grants, investment and guarantee funds. Practical suggestions listed here include mixed economic schemes, public private partner-ships (PPPs), social economy models, Islamic and other communitarian models developed independently of the dominant neo-liberal paradigm.

Published by: UNESCO (Proceedings of Symposium)
Year of publication: 2010
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