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Archive February 2015

Indonesian Fashion Week, Indonesia Investments, 26 Feb 201

Fifty Years of Arts Policy: What Have We Learned?, Huffington Post UK, 26 Feb 2015

Regional arts leverages cultural tourism, Arts Hub, 26 Feb 2015

Cultural and innovative industries in Peru reach worth of US$ 5 million, 26 Feb 201

Plans to make Sydney 'a cultural hub of Asia Pacific', Arts Hub, 26 Feb 2015

Artists call for establishment of Culture Trust Fund, Vibe Ghana, 25 Feb 2015

Culture And Development in Africa, Business Ghana, 24 Feb 2015

Ed Miliband: Labour will put arts at 'the heart' of government, The Independent, 23 Feb 2015

Audiences for publicly-funded culture lack diversity, Museums Association, 23 Feb 201

Total restructuring for Malta Arts Fund, Times of Malta, 23 Feb 2015

Saving art from the market, Red Flag, 22 Feb 2015

Russia slashes arts grants by 10 percent, Slipped Disc, 21 Feb 2015

A Case Study for Securing Arts Education Funding, Inside Philanthropy, 20 Feb 2015

Russia's Culture Ministry Makes Funding Children's Films a Priority, Hollywood Reporter, 20 Feb 2015

Splitting the Public and Private Uses of Art, CounterPunch, 20 Feb 2015

Race Against Time to Enact Art and Culture Act, The Star, Feb 19 2015

Creativity: 21st Century UK's USP, Huffington Post UK, 19 Feb 2015

SoCal arts groups courting a new donor source: Chinese Americans, Los Angeles Times, 18 Feb 2015

Creativity and culture not open to all, review finds, The Guardian, 17 Feb 2015


Letter from Hong Kong: Creative industries are struggling, Financial News, 16 Feb 2015

It's time for artists to get angry, The Guardian (blog), 16 Feb 2015


Arts barely on the radar in 2014 for top 50 US philanthropists

Los Angeles Times, 12 Feb 2015

Singapore, the centre of the Asian art market

AMA, 12 Feb 2015

China & UK launch new cultural exchange program

CCTV, 11 Feb 2015

Eradicating tacit rules key to clean cultural industry

Global Times, 10 Feb 2015

Julius Baer announces sponsorship of Art Dubai 2015

CPI Financial, 10 Feb 2015

Is Culture Just for Rich Kids Now?

Huffington Post, 10 Feb 2015

EU Commissioner begins Euro film industry talks

Screen International, 09 Feb 2015

Op-Ed: Public Investment in the Arts Pays Dividends

Planet Princeton, 09 Feb 2015

How YouTube is helping save the music industry

StreamDaily, 06 Feb 2015

two records smashed?

Financial Times, 06 Feb 2015

Dance as an agent of change

The Hindu, 05 Feb 2015

Will an arts degree stop you from getting a good job?

Design Week, 05 Feb 2015

An investment in the arts is an investment in economic growth

The Hill, 04 Feb 2015

Art for Money's Sake

New York Times, 03 Feb 2015

The Mecene: BNP Paribas Banks on Art


Obama budget proposal calls for slight increase in NEA funding

Los Angeles Times, 03 Feb 2015

Why arts funding is good for business

The Globe and Mail, 03 Feb 2015

China Rising: How Four Giants Are Revolutionizing the Film Industry

Yahoo Movies UK, 03 Feb 2015

UK's Creative Industries Worth 76.9b To Economy 2014

ArtLyst, 01 Feb 2015

UK Assigns Tax Relief Options for British Orchestras

Music Times, 01 Feb 2015

Variety the key to making ends meet for arts groups

The State, 01 Feb 2015