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Arts Investment Forum

Endowments in the arts
Topics: arts philanthropy, social investment
Keywords:  Arts organisations - fundraising - endowment - financial management - UK - arts sector - National Arts Council England

This report starts from the firm belief that arts organisations’ first and foremost priority must always be to produce great art. It looks at practical areas of action at arts organisations, highlighting two key ‘building blocks’ that can form the basis of activity to improve fundraising capability, and/or the capital development structure at individual arts organisations. This report concludes that the majority of arts organisations will not find themselves at the right stages of our two ‘building blocks’ to contemplate fundraising for an endowment at this time. The report therefore advocates a broader approach with fundraising on the one hand, and financial management of organisations on the other, saying that any approach which isolates endowments from this wider context would not be of the most benefit to the sector.

Published by: National Arts Council of England, Commissioned by the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport
Year of publication: 2010
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