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Speaking the language – why festivals need economic impact analysis
Topic(s): creative industries and entrepreneurship, research on arts and cultural economics
Keywords:  Arts Festivals - Norway - economic impact analysis - creative industries

This paper is based on the impact analysis conducted on five very different festivals in Southern Norway, summer 2009; Canal Street Jazz festival, Hove music festival, Norwegian Grand Prix boat race, Mandal Shell fish festival and Norway Rock festival. The use of economic impact analysis in the professionalization of the creative industries, particular the field of festivals in Southern Norway, is a central topic of discussion in this paper. It presents the methods used in order to come up with good and valid numbers for an economic impact of the festivals and discusses findings and the different ways in which stakeholders used the results.


Author / Published by: Emma Lind, Agder Research Institute, Line Førre Grønstad, Agder Research Institute
Year of publication: 2010
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