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Culture of Innovation: An economic analysis of innovation in arts and culture organisations
Topic(s): research on arts and cultural economics, public and private funding policies / research, arts philanthropy, social investment
Keywords:  cultural economics - innovation - arts organisations - funders - audiences - economic value - culture - NESTA - TATE - National Theatre - UK

Working with one of the world’s leading cultural economists and two of the UK’s premier cultural institutions, the report proposes a framework for innovation that can be used by both arts funders and arts organisations. It describes the rich ways that arts and cultural organisations innovate in audience reach, push out artistic frontiers and create economic and cultural value. Culture of Innovation is the outcome of a novel research-led collaboration between NESTA, the National Theatre and the Tate. It is a Research and Development model NESTA thinks should be taken up by arts funders and arts organisations more widely.

Author / Published by: Hasan Bakhshi and David Throsby, NESTA, the TATE
Year of publication: 2010
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