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AIF seeks to assist change-makers in bringing to life the arts' unique power to strengthen individual, social and economic development. As a network of leading thinkers and practitioners representative of a wide scope of disciplines relevant to the arts - including cultural economics, education, anthropology, sociology, development studies, international relations and cognitive psychologyAIFacts as a knowledge-resource that offers research-based, accessible and action-relevant information as a basis for strategic decision-making and interventions lin king the arts to broader development issues. 
Thematic Focus Areas
  • Arts and individual development: e.g. education, arts therapy, health and well-being, cognition and skills development
  •  Arts and social development: e.g. youth/community empowerment, urbanization, arts exchanges and public diplomacy, conflict prevention or resolution, arts as advocacy tools for MDGs, censorship and media, legal framework for mobility of artists
  •  Arts and economic development: e.g. creative industries, intellectual property rights, digital rights management, arts markets, heritage preservation and cultural tourism, training and livelihood of professional artists, micro-credit schemes in the arts
Dr Erica Eyrich, Director, Arts Investment Forum (AIF),  
 AIF arts investment forum – arts philanthropy – social investment Dr Erica Eyrich, Director, Arts Investment Forum  
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