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Culture and the Policies of Change
Topics: research on arts and cultural economics, public and private funding policies / research
Keywords:  Conference reader - Council of Europe - cultural sector - culture and change - development - cultural policies - cultural institutions

This report presents a closer examination of the impacts of current profound economic and societal shifts on the cultural sector itself, provoking a re-shaping of its current models. Diminishing public resources for cultural practice in many countries is adding urgency to the imperative for change. Against this backdrop, the current debate about the relative value of much of the existing cultural practice, as well as the relevance of our present institutional and organizational structures that historically have been created to support and manage culture may require a significant overhaul in both ‘western’ and ‘eastern’ European countries; the challenge is pan-European in nature. It is a digest of the discussions that took place during the conference “Culture and the Policies of Change” that was held in Brussels on 6-7 September 2010. It is a document that contains various presentations, papers, summaries of workshops, and a general résumé of the issues and broad conclusions of the conference. The event took place within the framework of CultureWatchEurope, a platform initiated by the Council of Europe to monitor and evaluate trends relating to culture across Europe.

Published by: CultureWatch Europe Conference
Year of publication: 2010
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