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Avoiding the Psychological Tsunami: Strengthening the Nonprofit Arts Institution
Topic(s): arts philanthropy, social investment
Keywords:  non-profit arts organizations - sustainability - research - fiscal health - statistics - strategies

This paper reviews and evaluates existing strategies for nonprofit arts organizations to become more sustainable and will suggest new or necessary avenues for future research. To do so, it first evaluates the fiscal health of the field by outlining current statistics. Secondly, this project evaluates strategies by surveying scholarly texts, blogs and discussion groups, discussions from arts service organizations’ conferences, and interviews; after which it discusses its method of research, analyzes the results of the research, and offers recommendations based on these findings. This project concludes by summarizing the data found and discusses implications for future research in the field.

Author / Published by: Teresa Koberstein / conference paper (ACEI)
Year of publication: 2010
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