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Incubating Culture. On cultural entrepreneurship and business development

Topic(s): creative industries and entrepreneurship , research on arts and cultural economics, social investment
Keywords:  Cultural and Creative Industries - Norway - investment companies - cultural business development - IPR - investors

This paper draws attention to recent political plans on stimulating the cultural and creative industries, and discusses some critiques and challenges it faces, as a context for the empirical case study from a project running in the Southern region of Agder, Norway,  for the whole of 2009. Two incubating/investment companies cooperated in order to gain knowledge on potential specifics of incubating cultural businesses, and by following three different cases they identified several interesting fields where cultural business development differs from more traditional sectors – particularly regarding the pre-incubating phase, the business plan content and development, IPR, and the communication with investors.

Author / Published by: Kirsti Mathiesen Hjemdahl, ACEI
Year of publication: 2010
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