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The Creative Economy of Crafts: New Opportunities for Developing Market Economies
Topic(s): Research on arts and cultural economics, artists' labour markets
Keywords:  material culture, developing market economies, business environment

In many developing countries material culture - and traditional crafts as a sub category – is the main sector of the creative economy today and the production and marketing of artisan goods constitute an extremely important means for creating employment and export earnings. The aim of this paper is to give evidence of the importance of this sector investigating the connections between its economic performance and a number of particular aspects of local business environment. After a review of the literature on the craft sector, the second paragraph gives empirical evidence of the economic importance of crafts with specific regard to developing market economies. Paragraphs three and four consider three key aspects of the sector’s filère and, by using a composite indicator, analyse their effects on the economic performance of the craft sector in a number of representative countries. Finally, conclusions are made by addressing a number of policy implications.


Author / Published by: Martha Mary Friel, University IULM, Milan
Year of publication: 2010
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