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Arts philanthropy: the facts, trends, potential
Topic(s): public and private funding policies / research, arts philanthropy
Keywords:  arts philanthropy - individual giving - arts sector - networks - arts and business uk -

This report illustrates that individual giving makes a substantial contribution to those organisations that rely on it. The analysis shows that there is still more that can be done for those organisations to attract higher levels of individual giving, and even more for the sector which currently doesn’t engage with individuals on a philanthropic remit. Based on the current trends and how and why they are changing, the findings suggest that growth will come from those already interested in and engaged with the arts. A call to collective action and responsibility to support the sector will help the arts capitalise on their existing and powerful networks, which will prove crucial for the future. Collaboration within the sector will be instrumental in mobilising support, but what must also be recognised is how different markets can respond to different campaigns, whilst reflecting on their propensity and ability to give.

Author / Published by: Tini Mermiri, Business and Arts, UK
Year of publication: 2010
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