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Collaborating to advance the sector!


AIF's network offers a global platform for discussion and related actions on the role of arts and culture in human and socio-economic development. It provides a space for multi-stakeholder knowledge-building and collaboration among public and private sector representatives of arts, culture, business, international relations and development cooperation. By integrating these diverse perspectives, AIF's network seeks to strengthen the role of arts and culture as an integral part of sustainable development.

Network Groups

::: International Cultural Relations Council :::

The ICR Council brings together organizations active in international cultural relations in practice, theory and research. It aims to contribute to a better understanding of the world's different approaches to international cultural relations and the different cultural values underlying and shaping thought and action in the international relations arena. 


::: Classical Music Alliance :::

The CMA  is a new initiative that will work to broadly contextualize key issues affecting the classical music world in relation to related cultural, social, economic and political questions; and provide insights on our contemporary culture through the lens of the classical music microcosm.


::: Working Group on Music Education & Global Competence :::

This Working Group is working to develop a survey to see both if and how schools can use music as a tool to effectively address their students' development of global competence by determining if there is a correlation between music education practice in schools and students' global competence as per the results of the PISA 2018 assessment.


Previous Groups 

::: Task Force on Culture & Development :::

The Funders Task Force on Culture and Development, whose work is now being carried on by the International Cultural Relations Council , was an informal network of bilateral and multilateral agencies, banks and foundations committed to enhancing the role of culture in international development cooperation. 


::: Return for Arts Group :::

This peer learning community brings together public and private investors from Europe and the United States who are committed to contributing to a resilient and sustainable cultural ecology by advancing the field of impact investing for the artistic and cultural sectors.


::: Arts & Human Development :::

The Arts in Human Development Research Group aims to raise awareness for the relationship between the arts - in particular also music - and the brain/mind and to explore the effects of the arts on human development. resources